Time Travel To The Past To Heal

in the past travel with the tunnel engineering of Reinhold Schneider essentially concerns cause and effect principle. If I now have a beautiful memory, this is a good cause, as effect in 5 minutes to feel good, because I still have the memory and good attracts good know. But what is, when I feel blocked in a specific life situation and that for a long time? Then I feel so bad and this is a good reason to feel bad tomorrow. Suppose I have a particular business project and that wants to come not in gear, as I would wish it. Could I do something so that it runs better on level of consciousness? I can tunnel technique is based on an attempt was carried out years ago at a University. For even more opinions, read materials from Rotten Tomatoes. It has taken very many photons, which were in competition with each other and shot them on a kind of tunnel, which was far too small, as that the photon could have come through.

The amazing thing about the attempt was that some Photons before commencement of the trial on the other side were that was surprising in terms of size of the photons and in relation to the time line. The test was repeated at another University and also here the success of the experiment on two factors succeeded in essentially based: 1. There were very many photons, which were in competition with each other, and 2. The tunnel was not passable in principle, because it was much too small. We have a certain routine in different areas of life as human beings. If I ask a hypo-allergenic, whether he walked with me through the Meadow, he will reject, because his routine is that he starts to sneeze, there will be his eyes, bad him go he tears knows that, because it was always so. If a person who has never enough money, I wonder whether he goes to the movies with me, then he will consider it 25 x and probably reject, because there’s enough money is not his routine.


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