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Renee Locks

In which areas is you harder to be open to learning and declare that you don’t know? 2. In which areas don’t allow you to recognize what you do not know? 3. What are the beliefs that are limiting you? 4. What do you think now is not for you given the person you are? 5. For what do you think you’re not good? 6. In recent months, David Zaslav has been very successful. In which areas colapsas the judgments about your do with judgments about your being? 7. How much time dedicate you per month to the learning and training? 8. Do you can learn from your mistakes and consider them teachers, or you suffer and you complain believing that there are no outputs and a victim? 9.

In which areas you need to unlearn what they learned? * GET CLOSE TO THE EDGE, THEY SAID; WE ARE AFRAID RESPONDED. Get close to the edge told them, they APPROACHED the LOS pushed and they flew * Guillaume Appollinaire.PASO 4: taking decisions when it takes a decision on what you base? in the facts, experience, in the opinion of others?We often form beliefs and decisions according to what others are saying, or what we see on the internet and in the media. They can be good sources, but you can’t be an experience of second hand. What have these sources done to deserve your trust? When you make a decision, is it really yours? Application period: The next time you take a decision takes two sheets of papel.1.En a of them write down all your experiences on the tema.2.En another writes the opinions of others and everything that you’ve read and heard about the cuestion.3. He then takes the second leaf to the papelera.4. Look again the first worksheet what is your decision, based on your own experience? ** THE challenge is be us them in a world that is trying to us be any other * Renee LocksPASO 5: changing the angle of VISION to what extent is true what we take for granted? To the extent that does not create us satisfaction.

Economy: China and Brazil

Until day 30 of April, the purchases of action on the part of these investors surpassed the sales in R$ 4,5 billion in the gathered of the year. Only in April, the balance arrived the R$ 3.1 billion. One of the explanations that come gaining force is that Brazil well is seen because has a strong domestic market (more still after the governmental measures of stimulaton to the consumption), has resisted to the crisis (thanks to considered beddings solid) and because of its increasing commercial relations with the Chinese China.Mercado it is the buoy of salvaoUma well information related to the Asian giant was great the responsible one for the optimism. A pointer that measures the Chinese industrial activity had in April the first expansion after eight months followed of low. It is not something News Corp would like to discuss. China is great raw material importer, as oil and ore of iron.

As our country possesss a great exportvel excess of commodities, it finishes attracting the confidence them investing foreigners. Moreover, analysts had commemorated the initiative of the Asian countries in creating deep of emergency with a US$ mount of money 120 billion. The resources must be used to help the countries more seriously affected by the world-wide crisis. Notice that had helped ' ' levantar' ' ndiceEntre the main notice of the day, the Focus bulletin, prepared for the Central banking, disclosed that the majority of the economists of the financial sector had improved its projections for the evolution of PIB (Produto Interno Bruto) of this year: instead of a contraction of 0,39%, the medium one of the projections points a retraction of 0,30%.O Ministry of Public Works and the Economy entered a commercial surplus (bigger exportations that importation) of US$ 3,7 billion. The result is 113% superior to registered in the same month of last year (US$ the 1,737 billion) and 109% greater that the verified one in March of this year (US$ 1,772 billion).

Space Theme Park Project

A new space theme park, will be installed in Wenchang-China, in this project will invest approximately 3 billion yuan (455 million dollars). Is anticipated that could be inaugurated in early 2013. The theme park will be located within the center of Wenchang satellite launch, from where China, plans to launch its lunar probe in three years approximately. This project will aim to promote space science among young people. Perhaps check out David Zaslav for more information. The tourists who come to this place, will have the opportunity to tour an area of 120 hectares, which will be divided into four areas dedicated to the display of the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and Mars.

According to Aerospace International Holdings Limited, some fortunate may enter the station and closely observe rocket launches. China boasts three sites more space launch, which are located in Jiuquan, Taiyuan and Xichang. However, Wenchang, is the only one that will house the theme park, which will provide you with greater tourist expansion. The city of Wenchang has other places of tourist interest, as a Confucian temple built in the 11th century or the Gaolong Bay beaches. As well as gastronomic delicacies as Wenchang, prepared with onions, chicken Garlic, peppers, ginger and soy sauce. The new theme park could promote tourism. For this reason, Wenchang has a series of cheap hotels a few miles from the station where the space theme park will be built..

The Completion

2 Family influences also affect, from small us label and implanted ideas, You will be an excellent doctor, you have to get over the business, he studied engineering etc. These constraints can lead us to wrong beliefs, some die and never realize it, of course that as children we need many guidelines and requirements at some point, but then it is very important to discover what we want done. 3. The price of change: achieving big goals is a hard compromise and requires sacrifices, it is nice to see an Olympic athlete to win the gold medal in a sport u observe a person who has achieved financial freedom, really enjoy the sweetness of success is fabulous, now think of the process, few actions have been necessary to get to that position? This factor becomes totally crucial, is not easy and some people find it much easier not having to experience pain. Happiness should be our main goal in life, how do you feel now?, is considered a made person? These questions you should answer them and Yes is that there are many things you have always wanted for your life and not been able to reach then this is the time to transform your existence. Find our happiness seems easy, but it really is a deflection complex, many times we think that condition A, B or C give us happiness, but when we do we realize realize that it wasn’t like that, there are accurate methods that help us to understand our spiritual essence, in the book the secret of the power of the goals you will have the appropriate tools to discover the internal forces that better discover it, i.e.

you can define goals that are in total harmony with your be, reading this book will learn the appropriate techniques to realize any idea. Once you have managed to define with absolute certainty what will do in your life then has taken a very important step, now needs guidance for the completion of those wishes, are taught in the book the secret of the power of goals what are the requirements to bring an idea to, you’ll find one high motivation that will allow you to defeat any obstacle that gets in your way. Do meditate?, do think?, analyze your life at this time? Do not limit yourself and look for those things that you want, do not allow pessimism and the limited conscious mind may affect his life’s mission, you were born to be happy, beautify your world and bring wonders, never forget it. original author and source of the article.

The Importance Of Having Their Own Domain

If you have a website but not a name of self-control, of the type, you should consider seriously to register one. As been said over and over again, a domain name is your brand on the Internet, the way that will have others recognize you and remind you. It would be best to account for the domain registration from the first moment, when you dedicate yourself to schedule the web, objectives, what is going to be treated, the money that you have, etc. But if you already have made always you can consider this possibility later. The importance of having a domain name if you have a business or intend to have a serious website, own domain will give you credibility and a sense of stability. The free pages, the type can be well if you won’t seriously, but to make an important web or a business is very convenient to use an own domain name.

If you choose a domain name that reflects well the objectives of your page and that is also easy, your visitors will remember more easily and may return to you most likely if they need what you offer. If you change hosting you will not have to modify anything in the code of your web. Free domains most companies that provide free web space, offer them so if past a time aren’t happy with this hosting, when you change to another company you will have to change the web address. This is very bad for search engine optimization, because it supposes to start again with the promotion of the domain, start up positions again, get links, etc. If you have hired a service of web hosting for your site, the domain name seems the next step.Think about it, you know the importance of having a good hosting; There is no advertising that you do not you’ve hired, don’t go annoying popups, it is fast loading and fails as little as possible.