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Steam Boiler Useful Tips

If you operate boilers, the emphasis should first be given to such matter as water treatment. This situation is related to the fact that water contains various mineral waters, which in turn, may be in the proper degree of forming scale in pipes. With this realization, when the scale increases in significant volumes, reduced rate of heat transfer, respectively, becomes relevant in this case burnout. That is why the boilers should be used only if the correct water treatment, because otherwise an accident may occur during use, is also worth noting that the greatly reduced efficiency. To remedy this situation, namely, to purify water from these mineral salts used chemical methods.

They depend on the quality of water consumed, the level of content of mineral salts. In this case, may be applied sodium zeolite or some other chemical substance of the plan. In addition, it is important to remove oxygen in the water, because its presence can lead to rust on the tubes of the boiler. In addition to initial training, boilers should be regularly checked for understanding whether the currently cleaning pipes or to identify other potential problems with plant operation. Undoubtedly, such a prepared water will cost Several more common tap, but it helps to ensure that the boilers will operate longer and more reliable.

Certain danger to the boiler can be, and torch. To reduce the likelihood that the tubes of the boiler will burn, it is worth noting particularly vulnerable places pipes themselves, and then apply for coverage plavlenolitye refractories. It should also analyze the situation for determine at this time the level of accumulation of ash, place the contents of which can serve as external walls. Necessary in this case, remove the ashes. In the case of large power stations, agreed to conduct such control centrally, specifically work dispatch, the method of television closed systems. Steam boilers operated devices, which allow you to enable or disable the fuel combustion, in addition, they regulates the flow of material, job execution, data is collected and controlled level of water and air.