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Home Marketing

Online businesses have achieved surprising levels of development worldwide, so much so that it has become an excellent opportunity to work from home. This is due to the emergence of Web 2.0. And yque is Web 2.0? : The term Web 2.0 is basically the second generation of services in the history of the site, also called the Social Web since based on user communities. Social Network or Web 2.0, has a wide range of services, such as social networks, blogs, wikis or folksonomies, which are the means used to foster collaboration and exchange of information interacting in an agile and effective cooperation between users of a community or social network, and in this way complement the existing services on the Internet, the user input is to provide, review and / or modify any content found on the web. Some experts call it “The Internet Social Revolution” and this automatically makes it the ideal platform for Business Online and Work From Casa. The success of Web 2.0 is not only dynamic, but also in its accequibilidad, since nowadays a common citizen, even without technical knowledge, you can have plenty of resources and tools free for personal use or commercial and actively participate in it in an easy, speedy and cost, ie you can create your own online business to work from home, a blog, a podcast or simply being a user of a social network like Facebook, Hi5, etc.. So today we see that it grows and grows increasingly small Internet businesses or online businesses, even is ideal for promoting MLM business using effective prospecting system without its promoter has to face rejection, simply because use all these means to promote your business by asking potential clients to reach relevant information through his blog, video or items related to MLM, generating trust among future members, which translates into an enhanced online business with a strong affiliate network, dynamic and eager to conquer the world.

MacWorld Expo Steve Jobs

"In the confrontation between Apple and Google to get personal." It was under this title is released fresh note in the print edition New York Times. The relationship between corporations actually worsened. The reason was the expansion competitive area and production of fresh produce. Three years ago, Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmid), executive director of Google, gleefully stepped on the stage and congratulated the MacWorld Expo Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) with the release of iPhone. After that, the company began to operate together, and rumors of a coalition directed against Microsoft. Google co-founders Larry Page (Larry Page) and Sergey Brin (Sergey Brin) have called Apple's strategic partner and would not want to fight against Apple.

But friendship is cracking, and went to war over market of smartphones and digital content. "I've never seen anything like it in a strange behavior," – commented one of the employees "Apple Company" recent statements by Steve Jobs at internal meetings. Apple ceo with a huge dissatisfaction criticized a competitor. He called Google a traitor, because she has entered the mobile phone market, a product that is technologically and spiritually similar to the iPhone. "We have not entered the search business, and they went into the section of mobile phones.

Make no mistake that Google is able to kill the iPhone. We have not allowed this "- said Jobs. It must be noted that until recently, Google tried to demonstrate that its platform and handsets based on it significantly different from the iPhone, and the creators do not even have to add support for multitouch technology. But then Google could not resist consumer demand and because of this multi-yet appeared in the following updates Nexus One. Journalists wrote about excessive emotionality, which shows Steve Jobs after his return to the post of head of the "apple" company. Since the founding of Apple daily fighting with competitors – ibm and the first Microsoft, after Dell and now Google. If you have previously Jobs used the method of increasing the motivation of its employees and increased the popularity of the company with the uniqueness and specificity of the brand, it is currently ceo does not stint on "hot" statements and sometimes even aggressive. Thus, having the charge of failure to patent technologies associated with the platform Android, Steve Jobs instantly advanced the counterclaim: "Naturally, we can sit idly by and watch to see how our competitors are stealing our technology, but we will not do this. " Another battleground between the two giants became the market for mobile advertising. In autumn 2009, Google announced the acquisition of a major ad networks AdMob for $ 750 million, testified that the market for mobile advertising is becoming an attractive resource for profit. The company managed to gain a strategic segment. Apple just did not stand by and bought the firm Quattro Wireless, owner of one of the most dynamic advertising platform. Corporations are looking for fresh partnerships. According to some reports, Apple has already found an ally in Microsoft. The software giant will replace Google services in its iPhone, but I believe it is still very early to tell.

Internet Advertising

Outdoor advertising in the manufacture of a sore subject in the most advertising is outdoor advertising. Fighting for customers grew into the Internet war. Many advertising firms break down their heads, looking for ways to lure customers into their networks. But the Internet thingie thin and search engine Yandex proof, Yandex page ranking sites so beautifully and clearly that spam sites, and black ups are gone. Hopefully in the future, Yandex will keep the trend of growth.

Let us return to the Outdoor advertising. Its roots rasplelis on Moscow streets, highways and roads in such amounts that any potential client looking for advertising on such, its abundance, does not know what he would like to see in their facade. What awaits in the future outdoor advertising? According to the latest forecasts spetsiolistov development echoes the crisis for 2010. The calculation of this time is due to rise of small business from his knees, and came to a small business business inroads into the significant spending in advertising, because it brought on the crisis. But one way or another is not a Moscow home will keep the pressure during installation of outdoor advertising, and will have a huge selection on the fly in the shadow of a billboard shelter from the heat. Despite these prospects for the future, let's talk about the present.

The answer to the crisis touched as outdoor advertising is the word "strong". In my eyes closed 12 Moscow advertising agencies. During half-year decline in manufacturing promotional products, first led to a reduction in staff, and then to the closure of firms. Estimate by experts will not argue that this is true on 01.06.2009. Moscow is a 1200 advertising agencies specializing in outdoor advertising. When in 2008 there were 2,100.