Threading Machines

When choosing the threading tool must take into account such parameters as the diameter of the workpiece, the type of thread – internal or external, performance, weight equipment, etc. Threading machines – it professional tool for creating high-precision cutting. It is equipped with various devices necessary for clamping and holding parts, automatic oil delivery, part of the gear and gearbox, gradosnimatelem – chamfering of the pipe end, bed, etc. Threading machines used in the tool and instrument, electrical and aircraft industries, as well as the widely used plumbing jobs in the processing of the metal. To ensure the high quality of thread to use a professional threading tool, which includes threading, rezbofrezernye, tapping, thread and worm grinding machines.

To handle different types of thread used appropriate methods of treatment, and threading tools and threading machines. To create an external thread on Our equipment is used threaded tools (comb). Cutters (comb) are attached to the die head cams SU-1 (a lathe-type), and depending on the setting of adjustable pitch and thread depth on the different diameters tubes and round bars. Another major difference, in principle, performance and quality threading equipment – whether it is rotating workpiece, or billet is stationary, but rotates universal head, on which are fixed blades (comb). The latter option has many advantages, both as a thread cutting, speed parameters and technology threads, ie wastelessness production – you do not have to give up non-standard pipes. On the threading machine MKS-95U was developed and used universal rotary head lathe type, allowing to cut the thread, even at not quite smooth pipes or round bars. MKS-95U can be safely attributed to the high-performance threading machine, which confirms its long use as building sites and in workshops. As machine simply does not substitute for plumbing work in public service in urban households. Threading machine MKS-95U. easy to use and requires no special training, we need only be trained and guided by the method of work described in the passport, and the presence of 3-speed machine always allow you to select an optimal mode of carving, combining both performance and production details required quality of carving, given the diameter of the workpiece.


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