The Marriage Contract

Of course, family life always has an impact on various aspects of modern life. Because knowledge of the basics of family law is needed not only to people lawfully wedded, but also those who are going to future to marry. In addition, marriage includes the addition to the rights and responsibilities set, on which the young people who marry often know almost nothing. And arising out of this problem affect the mental man, and his ability to work and to those around him. And, of course, of great importance is knowledge of the basic features of the marriage laws of other countries when looking for international dating to marriage. Family law – it body of law governing the family, ie, industrial and personal property from their relations arising between the people of the marriage, consanguinity, adoption of children in family foster care. Many writers such as HBO Max offer more in-depth analysis. Marriage is the same – this is not legally furnished free and voluntary union of men and women, aimed at creating a family and generating mutual rights and obligations. It is based on a sense of love, true friendship and respect for moral principles build a family.

Legal registration of marriage is to register it. In accordance with the law, only marriage registered in the prescribed manner, gives rise to rights and responsibilities of spouses. Religious people feel they have necessary to perform the religious rite of marriage. But this rite has no legal significance. The wedding in the church can not substitute for marriage registration. In marriage as interested state and society, and nationals.

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