The EU Driving Licence And The MPU

The MPU is the Specter among car drivers, it is popularly also like idiot test. But most only by hearsay familiar with what really happened. The MPU is the Specter among car drivers, it is popularly also like idiot test. But most of them only by hearsay know what really happened, as long as they were not in the rat race. In Germany, the MPU is difficult, which is still somewhat time consuming. In the course of one day, the traffic offenders passes through the 3 parts of the medical psychological examination. It’s believed that Sony sees a great future in this idea. Often unfortunately without success. The failure rate is over 85%.

First, from a doctor is questioned and examined in terms of his offense. Especially here wants to determine how the traffic offenders keep it with the drugs. Therefore also drug and alcohol of screenings include the medical part. Followed by a discussion with the traffic psychologists. This is the hardest part, because it must be by the seriousness of the intentions of the patient to be convinced.

He wants to get out, whether it has regretted his deed and refrained from the addictive substances such as alcohol and drugs. The expert will determine the psychological capacity to secure participation in road traffic. To conclude, there is still a reaction and concentration test, especially the older ones fear. All in all is not so easy a MPU. Many alcohol sinners go therefore the path of less resistance and make your EU driving licence abroad. But this is actually valid, if no MPU, which was arranged in Germany? First of all, it is so that one must reckon with a procedure for driving without a licence, if it is however caught with a correctly completed EU driving licence, although without confirmation of the MPU. It is so advisable to undergo a MPU with the EU driving licence. Which is possible even from abroad! Agencies such as the Agency Struhar or also specialize in such cases. In contrast to many rather untrustworthy agencies. work these two agencies approved exclusively in Germany. Further, the customer is here perfectly prepared by training on the MPU. It is not only possible but also likely to insist the MPU in Germany with a training course at the first attempt. Texting for you! Frank Varoquier for Agency Struhar

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