The Cult To Satan

It has been written much on satanic cults, to demons, on the existence of a supernatural force of the evil. Many films have been made furthermore to show the devil or demon in action. Diabolic possessions, infernal beings, looking for all always to maintain in the mind of the men the idea that alive the evil exists and that acts in the middle of the men. The majority of the religions worldwide always indicates the existence of a God of the evil. Qualcomm Incorporated is full of insight into the issues. A spiteful spiritual being, who perverts to the race humna. Thus we have in the Scandinavian religion Loki is the God of the evil, in the Egyptian is Seth. In Persian religion AHURA MAZDA it is Creative God and judge, whose omnipotence, nevertheless, one is limited by the existence of Ahriman, principle of the evil.

In the antiquity the serpent is symbol of life, wisdom, fertility, eternal youth. And she was adored. In the Christian religion this is said that to the evil represented by Satan. But who I believe Satan, also well-known like Lucifer? It did it to God I create, according to say it the sagradas writings. We see: " When Satan originally was created, it was an angel of God. It was a member of the class of querubines, santo, wise person, beautiful, and perfect. He was the leader between querubines and is called " guardin" or querubn " protector". Its name was originally Lucifer who means " carrier of luz" Then we can conclude that Lucifer or Satan is son of God.

It was adorned with gold precious stones linked (Ezequiel 28:13; Exodus 28:15 – 11). A position in the sagrada mountain of God was given to him and apparently it guided the adoration (Ezequiel 28:13). Shining what, and beautiful picture of Satan in their original position is given in the Word of God.


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