The Box

You may also lose consciousness. These serious episodes are rather less frequent. The significance lies in that when the box is important to the pades be attentive to colour, the movements of the child, and above all if you lose knowledge or not. Given that everything happens very quickly and is a very distressing situation this can be very difficult, but it is important so that the doctor can distinguish slight bass boxes. With time tables in general often disappear without any problem, so it is important to arm yourself with patience and above all avoid Overprotecting the child, since it is impossible to predict when is going to suffer an episode or not.

In the case of the minor it is normal that it is not advertise no medication or special measure. In fact, many texts recommend even ignore them, i.e. not to give excessive importance, so that the child does not associate them to which attracts attention. In any case always should be discussed with the pediatrician to assess risk and attitude. In the boxes that the pediatrician catalogues as serious can that the child benefit from pharmacological treatments, such as for example anti-anxiety or even atropine to produce a box of potentially severe, with unconsciousness and cessation of breathing that goes beyond a few seconds even. The problem is that these drugs are very important side effects and their use should be under strict medical supervision and only in potentially serious and severe cases. Really prognosis in general is very good, even in the bass, although these have greater real risk of injury than the minor, so it may be necessary to control them with medication. In general they tend to remit with time without producing any type of sequelae in children. It is important to note that precisely for this reason it is important to avoid that the child learns to trigger stress through tantrums or anger to achieve their goals, so it generally is recommend not feeding these behaviors. One way would be just ignore them, as recommended by many texts and professionals, for the child do not use as a method of drawing attention. Original author and source of the article

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