Supetar On BRAC A High Point In The Adriatic

Holiday portal to Supetar on the island of good in Croatia with a range of apartments and houses the Adriatic Sea between the Apennine peninsula and the Balkans has always been a culturally significant, but also violently contested region; Today, the coasts of Italy and the Balkan countries are firmly in the hands of tourists. The northeastern coastline of the Adriatic sea belongs to the Republic of Croatia, which was newly founded in 1991 after the breakup of Yugoslavia. Croatia represents the transition from central to South Eastern Europe both geographically and culturally; for centuries, meet here Western and Oriental influences. Croatia can be topographically divided into three large landscape zones; the Pannonian plain (Northern Croatia, Slavonia) is an extended, by rivers (save, Drau, Mur) coated through flat land with low mountain ranges, here is the economic centre of the country. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jeff Clarke. The Dinaric mountain region (Central Croatia, Croatian hills) forms with high mountains and harsh climate Watershed between the Adriatic Sea and the Danube, in the Adriatic coastal area, however, there is Mediterranean climate.

The Croatian coast has a length of about 1,800 km (with islands around 6,200 miles), it is divided into Istria in the North, the Croatian littoral, Rijeka and Dalmatia in the South. The name of this region goes back to the Illyrian tribe of Dalmater, which have colonized the country in ancient times. The Croatian Dalmatian coastline is just a few kilometres above all in the southern section wide; It mostly consists of karstified, vegetation-poor ridges of the coast mountains. The mountain chain continues in the Adriatic Sea and form so a multitude of Islands, which are located in front of the coast. The population for the most part directly on the sea, the most important cities are split, Zadar, Sibenik and Dubrovnik. Dalmatia is home to some world heritage sites of UNESCO such as the historic city of Trogir, Dubrovnik Old Town and the historical complex of split with the Palace of Diocletian.

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