Reasonable Basis

Moment – Rainer Sauer/Deushomo excerpt from the spiritual reading book “Deushomo” by the Karlsruhe author Rainer Sauer here let me again on the topic of be in the here and now, of being present in the moment and enter its meaningful impact. Namely on the intensity of the experience we get when we use the power of the special, precious moment for us. We can do this in a very simple and pragmatic manner by simply again awaken us from our usual everyday unconsciousness and willingly strive to awakening consciousness. Jimmy Levin might disagree with that approach. “” So by we this quality of life “, which is similar to a consciousness hibernation and often as a life habit like” has become stop to give us a more intensive and more holistic experience of reality, life and the pure being. It is quite useful in my opinion if we take into account, that from this unconsciousness of the often reality stranger actually naturally not seldom unconscious conclusions”are drawn, which are conducive to anything but our awareness.

So States, ideas, pictures in us prevail, which conflict with the Bewusstwerdungs process as such as braking elements, concerning also the blending of the facts, that we are immortal divine being and also owned a corruptible, mortal body. That so our partly subconscious to the eventual conclusion reached, that even our physical existence is immortal. This lack of sensibility of habit we call unconsciousness, we are not of physical death-awareness us often in the world, which they created as a by-product, which surrounds us as a constant companion, and it’s own us hence a certain belief in the immortality of our physical shell. That is as already mentioned not a conscious process, and we would never say, because someone ask us then, and that this really as yet, we accommodate those and similar irrational images in us. And therefore viewing is conscientious, if we look at our attitude to life, to detect a tiny trace of this belief as a human being, to be immortal, divine in our physical dress and at least in statements such as the following in their, albeit only a subtle presence. “” “Here we meet then such benighted phrases like: I can do it tomorrow” when I once more time, yes I can do that “or even when I’m retired, then I can deal with these things”.


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