Perfect Man

Men are inherently hard-nosed reactionaries. They often throughout the doubt before making decisions all the long hours pondering, weighing, and in general are afraid of everything. We want to make a man believe that they are the bravest, the most beautiful and intelligent. What you need to know a woman who wants to change a man and make him your ideal. There are several ways. The first of these is to just always be there in a man's life, make him understand that his image is always the what should be here now and agree with everything.

A second way. Make it clear to the man that he'll absolutely do not know. Always be different and stay for a mystery man. He must not know what you will come tomorrow, and what you will have make-up. Man will be pleased to see that you are interested in itself, and he answers will surprise you.

Consider this: you have agreed to meet at a party, you come quite other than he was accustomed to see, you have a different hairstyle, a make-up and a stunning evening gown. What makes a man when he sees that he is next to a woman looks unflattering way, and it seems to suit a rag? In soon he will change, will get myself a new stylish suit, will be fit and trim, and soon after looking at his wife, realizes that it is a mystery to him and begins courting her in the early days of dating. Third way. Make it so that the man has always felt the need to care for and help the woman. If you need to rearrange the furniture or hammer a nail into the wall to make it so that your beloved man he wanted to do it, and in this case, he will be happy to repair and finally make unnecessary things, which lay in the house for years under the guise of "more useful". No need to cut a man, because then instead of solving the problem it will be try to dismiss you if a problem occurs, the man himself must be willing to solve it. As an example can cause a situation in which women often fall into. Begin to nag her husband to repair the valve in the bathroom He excuses and says he will fix soon. Everything! No need to ask him for the tenth time on repairs, because you can so angry husband that he had luck to you all refuse to repair and you have call plumber. The fourth way. If a woman is constantly raising the bar representation of men about her, the man he wants to displace any of the mountains, and to commit any deed in the name of the woman and still he always will enjoy all of the above.

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