Lighting Bathroom

Our knowledge of the space make bathroom planning with us a pleasure. Others who may share this opinion include Coen brothers. More than just function room the bathroom the bathroom no longer is a function space. Rather, it is the place of relaxation to relax and he also the cleaning but it no secret that he contributes to well-being only in a balanced balance is of course.In one fresh starts in the day or provides the necessary relaxation at the end of a tiring day with a bath. The appropriate products, innovative concepts, appealing design and high quality make the bathroom planning products with us to the Vergnugen.Passenden. Rooms and buildings enables innovative concepts, appealing Design.Unsere lighting design entirely new moods.

It is noted the architectural line as important policy. The room and bathroom designer Torsten Muller are realized innovative lighting concepts regardless of whether for the bathroom or the spa area or special lighting design for the Wohnraum.Lichtplanung and lighting design for your new bathroom. No matter whether you effekt-your private living space and atmospheric through targeted planning of light would illuminate, for professional lighting design and lighting design are only a few Ausbildungsmoglichkeiten.So are at the lighting design always the wishes of customers significantly.The best 500 lux should be on the mirror. Lit by both sides as well as the best from above and below. The basic light (ambient light) plays a which is main roles that use most planners in the light of reason too little brightness (lumen) is still often out of print in the light color not further strange because usually he knows not that different colour temperatures there which therefore reflect the hue (Daylight White, neutral white hot u.s.w white) that gets the room its effect through the right mood light (play of brilliance) such as color, Fringe or not the issue should be with a starry sky, for example. That are a must have certain zone lighting (focal glow) is also clear but nevertheless not negligible not everyone.For specific lighting tasks, plan, develop, and implement individual lighting designer for you Lighting concepts and special solutions. In the architectural lighting lighting design is becoming increasingly important, buildings get the desired visibility over an independent Lichtdesign.Die is as diverse as the task of derr customers bandwidth of this performance spectrum. Architectural concepts are only alive and effective with professional lighting design. We make lighting design and lighting design does not equal bathroom bathroom. Torsten Muller of the spa and bath Designer from Bad Honnef

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