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Modern design and low-cost operating more and more people think over the purchase of a new heating system after if there only were not the costs. But heating must be expensive? There are many reasons for the replacement of a heating system. The system is obsolete or defective or one no longer wants to be dependent on by ever-rising oil and gas prices. With the new acquisition, the costs for maintenance and maintenance play an important role in addition to the purchase price. A high price for the cold season heating is expensive! Especially if an outdated heating system is used. Go to Dell Technologies Inc. for more information. Old radiators are often very bulky and big, while they need lots of energy to heat the premises.

Nowadays, there are small, efficient infrared panels, to be fixed to the wall or ceiling. Radiator of Sunnyheat brand made in Germany are incl. control for under 800 euros. In contrast gas-condensing, Pellet, oil cost or Geothermal heat pumps for a 150 square foot House typically from 25,000 euros upwards. An amount of up to 18,000 euros to equip the same House with infrared heaters can save the owner! Add the maintenance costs and the cost of the annual review by the chimney sweep come classic heating systems. This required the operating of a Sunnyheat infrared heating completely.

What is the difference with conventional heating systems? An infrared heater is not operated with oil or gas, but with power. As it is not dependent on rising gas and oil prices. Eco-heating is becoming increasingly important. Electricity-powered infrared heating causes lower CO2 emissions than other heating systems. Developed and produced by German engineers with Sunnyheat radio control, which is as small as a remote control, the temperature can be adjusted precisely. If necessary, the infra-red heating can be switched even time-controlled. This allows the energy consumption and the In addition to reduce CO2 emissions. According to an independent study of the TU Kaiserslautern an energy-saving potential of up to 50 percent is possible. In combination with a solar system even up to 100 percent. Also, the installation costs can be saved, because only an electrical outlet is required for operation of Sunnyheat infrared heating. That makes not only as a sole heating but also as a supplementary heating infrared heating straightforward and flexible. Further information, see. Boilerplate/Company Description: Hofmann & gold is a medium-sized company from Friedberg in the vicinity of Augsburg, which has many years of experience with high-quality infrared heaters made in Bavaria, Germany. Hofmann & gold, personal advice on request by the customer is the guarantee that the right heating system for the heating situation is found at home or in the operation. In the infra-red radiators buyers can see live exhibition in Friedberg by the effect of an infrared heater. For We will provide you the editorial coverage like photographs and technical data available. Company contact: Ecological heating systems Hofmann & gold Sunnyheat infrared heaters Robert Hofmann of medium Lechfeld 2 D-86316 Friedberg phone 0821/21 90-008, fax 0821/74 80 68 55 E-Mail press contact short advertising Jacqueline Forster Zietenstrasse 68 D-40476 Dusseldorf telephone 0211 / 550 240 0

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