Intelligent Packaging Lines Of The Future

Argentine supermarket chain la Anonima uses Bizerba positioniersysteme and award instruments of Balingen/Buenos Aires, June 29, 2010 at its new production plant in Buenos Aires the Argentine company uses the fully automated and networked price labeller GLM-I by Bizerba la Anonima. In close cooperation with the Marketing Department of the company the Bizerba service team combined the devices with additional hardware and software components and created thus flexible and highly efficient production lines. It all started at the IFFA 2007, the leading international trade fair for the meat industry in Frankfurt. Guest on the State of the technology manufacturer Bizerba, Mr. Walter Lefloth, was responsible for meat and sausages at La Anonima, the most important with over 100 stores supermarket chain in the Argentine Patagonia. In the wake of a new building planned for 2008, he planned a sausage and cheese slicing plant in Ituzaingo, in the North West of Buenos Aires, to equip the production with new pricing equipment to optimize the packaging of meat – and cheese.

First of all, Lefloth made at IFFA an accurate picture of Bizerba’s current product portfolio. While Hans Rinke, Managing Director of Bizerba Argentina stood him S.A., with help and advice: special interest, the fully automatic price labeller of GLM-I came across series. Because he is an ideal weighting and award instrument in the industrial area of high-performance with revenues of up to 150 packages per minute”. It is however still not done with the sale of the machines alone. From many years of experience, Rinke know that machines alone only are half the battle. To create an intelligent production line and make the production in the new factory as efficiently as possible, our service team in close collaboration with the La Anonima Marketing Department developed a comprehensive concept. Goal was to integrate the GLM-I in a production line with upstream packaging plant and to allow him to communicate with the parent computer”.

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