Current Starry Sky

Star watching made easy. Constellations in the sky, find and watch. Current starry sky in June: GmbH declares the starry sky for lay people. The summer starry sky now unfolds its full splendor: while with the constellation Leo and the Virgin Mary disappeared the last remnants of the Spring sky, the orangsrote Arcturus in the boat (Bootes) to the Western horizon down sinks. He remembers last spring as the last bright star.

High in the South the summer triangle, with Vega now unmistakably dominated in the lyre, Deneb in the Swan and Atair at Adler. The small, but striking image of the lyre is now almost at the zenith. WEGA and Arcturus are the brightest stars North of the celestial equator. A small star square, indicating their characteristic and easily memorable form of lyre found at Vega. The striking Star Cross of the Swan is also steep over the head of the observer, called occasionally cross the North.

The distinctive, large star square of Pegasus rises in the East. This the impression of an oversized driveway sign is great square of Pegasus. A slightly curved star chain, which marks the front part of the winged Dichterrosses, belongs also to the Pegasus. The Swan is flying with outstretched wings through the bright band of the milky way. The longitudinal axis makes the fuselage with the main star Deneb as cock. The lateral axis indicates the wings. South of the constellation Cygnus, one encounters the third picture of this the Adler of of summer, group, also located in the milky way. The shimmering light band of the summer milky way is high arc across the night sky Vault. It rises from the southern horizon, runs through Sagittarius, Eagle and Swan and falls due to Cassiopeia and Perseus to the Northern horizon down. The splendour of our Milky Way Galaxy is far the observer only at locations off towns and cities, where the view of the starry sky is not affected by the flare of artificial light sources.


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