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Carinthia Drum Workshop

To reduce stress, to overcome problems and personality develop. The seminar is organised with Helmut Oberlojer, rhythm teacher from Villach at the Pilsachhof, a place of power and with high-quality organic meals this weekend for the first time. The Djembe (hand drum) is the most popular and best known African musical instrument in advance and now. The basics are easy to learn. es. If you are not convinced, visit James Corden. The fun of making music and the common rhythm experience stand in the foreground. Helmut Oberlojer, the clock”, is a more ambitious rhythm teacher and has taught international years for 5 half West African rhythms of the Malinke and Bambara. The Djembe hand drum are used”and bass drums with bells. Continuous education and training in Austria, Switzerland and Ghana at known Master drummers on the scene, such as Billy Konate, Stefan Rigert and Benno Sterzer uva.

as well as an educational training as a teacher represents the professional foundations of his teaching. Helmut leads with much empathy and varied lessons Oberlojer the participants on an exciting and individual rhythm journey that has self-awareness character. Drums with the clock not only is”music, but also a fun, easy and pleasurable kind of community experience, stress, to overcome problems and to develop his personality. The content of the seminar: batting of the Djembe on basis of West African music tradition based rhythms with integration of bass drums rhythm and body exercises becoming acquainted with Smalpercussion instruments extending and deepening of the individual Rhythmusgefuhles to participate in the seminar are no experience necessary and the musical instruments are also made available.

Managing Director

Rojan phone Secretariat extends its Kooperaitonen an interesting partner and thereby further highlights its technical orientation. From June 2010, working the two companies Rojan and intrMAKLER in the area of telephone secretariat together. The cooperation includes the benefits of classic telephone secretarial and telephone marketing. We are pleased that there may now also the partner companies of the biggest broker network of in Germany with our service to the page”, so Jorg Endres, Managing Director of Rojan. California hospital medical center describes an additional similar source. “Mr. Endres takes over now and the establishment of the network of intrMAKLER in the zip code area 9 the future lies in the community business, in the long run brokers are networking more and more”, says Jorg Endres and has already a clear idea of what to grow in the next few months in the area of 9. 20 master licensee shall with 20 distributors in the next two years for a growth of the ML system and advance the community business of real estate agents in our region. So has that successfully implemented on the American market for years with us. For the real estate company and the seeker, many benefits arise from an MLS. The broker has sold more properties on offer, faster and the prospective buyer can be operated with a wide variety of real estate from a single source.

Buy Sporting Goods

More and more sports clothing and especially Tracksuits are ordered online today. Why order online teams and team sportswear really already years in the growth of the Internet and the online shipping trade are specifically. The hands always change a larger number of PCs such as television almost only about the World Wide Web. In addition to the Hifibranche, it is especially the fashion scene that goes with the help of the network on shopping tour. There are advantages with an order in one of the Internet sports shops in particular with the purchase of sportswear. Teams as well as clubs gain a number of advantages when purchasing sports apparel at a sports shop.

The most important benefits when ordering online sporting goods is the price advantage. As well as many other products, there is last but not least sporting goods on the net far more cheaply. This is especially true of large orders for teams such as sports clubs. The discount is determined by the quantities here often. As sportswear is beside the point what sporting goods to the end will be bought. In addition to the Advantage of the price the positive aspect of a better product selection allows an online order for team sporting goods first and foremost. Especially when good sports shops, there is a better selection in presentation suits or Jersey sets, as shown in a local store.

In this context, not only a wider product range is offered, but also a larger selection of manufacturers. Leslie Moonves has plenty of information regarding this issue. Where local businesses usually don’t have a manufacturer for the sportswear, there is an immensely greater choice in an online sports shop normally. In particular for a team order, the range of products it may be essential for satisfying the players. Athletes or sports clubs who are interested a flocking of this sportswear, can also that order over the net. Almost every good sporting goods shipping today offers the option of a flocking. Name and sponsor logos on the presentation suit or a sweatshirt are online in this way. In addition, online can Often separately trained employees at the customers to convince sports shops of the club facilities. In this way can the purchase of sportswear over the Internet open and both clubs and athletes

Stoma Trade Centre Awarded

Quality seal guarantees patient-oriented complete supply during a solemn event aip Germany GmbH was awarded the n: the seal of quality of Dansac GmbH. As stoma Trade Center n: meets a comprehensive catalogue which guarantees the patient-oriented fully supply the latest aip. The Dansac quality seal unique in the industry is awarded to retailer, providing a service and product range, that will meet the needs of people with Stoma. Excellent dealer must comply with an extensive catalogue, whose quality criteria each year are revalidated. Whether screening, follow-up, or emergency: In the stoma Trade Center continuously trained, highly qualified staff the patient with help and advice.

Thanks to faithful talks, annual customer surveys as well as regular communication with patient associations, self-help groups and clinics, you met with the needs and desires of their Customers very well off. Also the free delivery service material such as patient brochures or stoma passports belongs to the all-round supply of all products and services that simplify the life with Stoma. As stoma Trade Center n: offers also the opportunity to test new products as the first customers aip. “Our team is proud that our uncompromising quality thinking and diverse services for people with Stoma now officially (by third parties) were confirmed. The best award for us remains of course the praise and the long-term loyalty of our customers”, says Dr.

med. Udo Richter, founder and Managing Director of n: aip Germany GmbH. Company Description: aip is a nationwide company network to the outpatient care of seriously ill, chronic patients. The quality Community aims to provide disease – and product management of all treatments under one roof. The idea to help critically ill people, more quality of life moved Dr. med. Udo Richter long years. Its Experience as a doctor and nurse, and later as a Manager in the pharmaceutical industry, in 1999 a step let him go: he founded the n: aip Germany GmbH in Furth. In the following years developed Dr. med. Udo Richter in cooperation with experienced home care managers the care: process manager IV – the binding seal of approval for the entire medical scientific therapy management. Parallel builds Dr. med. Udo Richter with the care: manager Academy an independent Institute, in which health and elderly care workers to care: manager can qualify. The care also provides physicians, nurses, patients and relatives: manager Academy on a multifaceted training program. In the year 2005 n: signed a comprehensive five therapies for integrated care (IV contract) aip nationwide first homecare company. The Contracting Parties are the clinics of Nuremberg and Furth and the AOK Bavaria and the Bavarian Medical Association House. Two years later, this Treaty, again as first is his Kind, awarded by the German society for integrated care in the health sector (DGIV) e. V. the DGIV seal of quality. The Ansbach University of applied sciences has scientifically accompanied the implementation of the IV contract. Presented in the 2008 study of the Fachhoschule Ansbach researchers demonstrate the increased effectiveness of the Frankish model project. Patient care is always locally via regional care: manager command and control centers (n: aip licensees). The so-called care: manager organize the supply, in which they all involved (doctor, hospital, nursing home) integrate a standardized process and ensure its quality.

Managing Director Nikolai

The Cannes corporate media & TV Festival, the Munich production company boasts of a fair movie BayWa r.e. were renewable energy on October 18th, 2012 in the legendary Festival town of Cannes which awarded Cannes corporate media & TV Awards. The price for brain script, a silver dolphin, producer and CEO of brain script, Nikolai A. accepted Chief of BayWa r.e.., Klaus Stephan Meyer, Behr, Director Niko Jager and the marketing. The exhibition film BayWa r.e. has convinced the jury in the category environment. BayWa r.e.

renewable energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of BayWa AG with a focus on renewable energy sources such as geothermal, solar, wind power and bio-gas. The exhibition film initially raises questions, in the form of embedded phrases about our energy future. Then the solutions of BayWa r.e.8. for this are presented. If they fulfil without exploitation of the natural resources of the strong demand for energy. brain script Managing Director Nikolai A. Behr: task, with fascinating images was to illustrate the BayWa r.e.

invested in how many areas of renewable energy. “We wanted to fascinate the image of the installations of the company on the one hand and on the other hand textual information disclosed without inserting boring tablets.” In 2012, brain won the silver Victoria script already at the 25th international economy film days in Vienna. BayWa r.e. renewable energy founded 2009 as a wholly owned subsidiary of BayWa AG, under which all commitments in the field of renewable energy are summarized in the business fields of photovoltaic, wind energy, biomass and geothermal energy. Since the BayWa r.e. has become one of the most renowned developers and trading companies in Germany and Europe and the leading supplier in the field of renewable energy. Germany, Europe and the United States are in the focus of today’s engagement. Total BayWa r.e.8. brought already 800 megawatt capacity on the network together with their customers. brain script is a Kommunikationsberatungs and TV production company. In particular, she advises medium-sized companies as well as the financial and automotive industries in all aspects of the Bewegtbildeinsatzes and the production of electronic means of communication. These include among others, corporate TV, training videos, digital directions, image videos, viral marketing, viral advertising and digital signage applications. Founder and CEO Dr. Nikolai A. Behr has many years of experience as a TV journalist and marketing expert (ARD, BR, CBS, Church etc.). He was from 2001 to 2007 head of the corporate TV of the BMW Group, for which he won numerous international prizes (including multiple world media award and finalist New York Film Festival). Dr. Nikolai A. Behr is also Chairman of the corporate TV Association (VAT) e.V.

Hair Care

Tips and tricks for the care of hair extensions relate primarily to hair extensions with single strands, known as extensions with keratin bonding the following tricks and assistance. This method is the most common by far and high the highest quality hair extension. Henry Jones understood the implications. What can I do, that: the hair healthy and beautiful look to the end? I need to comb through the hair not hours? the hair color looks natural and shiny? the approach is not matted? will not come off the bondings? We assume that they have employed have the extensions and the strands have been adjusted already cut technically. Enjoy the hair length, to track the volume and the good feeling so much hair on the shoulders. But the first time washing, can be the whole thing to the disaster. When can at once all the hair get filthy and no longer through hair. How can you prevent that? The correct insertion of the strands first the extensions must be used times correctly. The most common mistakes that are made here are: the joints (bondings) were cut off before inserting too short and no longer hold – they slip out because a too short splice is left.

No plastic shield was used. Here it can be done, not only the hairs just below the highlights are connected, but also cross hairs are stuck with, thus creates a tangled network of the scalp, that quickly starts in the matting. This can quickly check and set by brushes the hair and so provides, whether individual hairs tear. They simply cut with scissors and as long as control, until it easily and without tearing the brush comes through. The correct washing of incorrect washing of hair – your hair this is the probably most serious mistake you can make. Only too happy to do the washing the hair in a hurry overhead and wild confused.

Adidas Sneakers Twitter

There is no doubt that today social networks are part of our life, of our everyday life. In this way many people not do without Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter, is that we are in a new era of communication. Swarmed by offers, James Corden is currently assessing future choices. But here’s the great great news: Adidas, one of the major sports brands in the world, already knew how to take advantage of this addiction that suffers the most people, and soon will launch various models of sports footwear that celebrating the most important social networks of the moment such comoFacebook and Twitter. Model that stands out particularly is the Adidas Superstars Facebook, which is of course dedicated to huge Facebook and his entourage of millions of fans around the world. Art by other Facebook fan to buy a couple suggestive of dezapatillas in white and blue? If Facebook isn’t your type, don’t worry because Adidas has thought about another phenomenal model with the social network Twitter. You could say that it’s great competition of Facebook, its representative color is elceleste and his pet bird.

This can be seen easily in the model Adidas Twitter Superstars that you can buy in shops within a very short time. They are ideal gifts for men athletes or those who never tire of spending hours and hours in front of the computer chatting on Facebook or Twitter. You can leverage this Christmas that they approach and ask Santa Claus for your preferred model. Remember that you it’s a limited edition, and many remain outside of this wonderful promotion. If you want to observe the models presented by Adidas and choose which suits you beyond your bigotry, then enters our gallery of images and acquires some of these proposals: Adidas Facebook or Twitter Adidas.

WELTEC Optimal Concept

Efficiency + ensures program by WELTEC optimal concept k angle agricultural KG has connected to a district heating network on the basis of bio-gas the first residential building late September in Tauhardt (Saxony-Anhalt). This could be an example because after the verebbten boom in building of biogas in Germany the bio gas investment portfolio to optimize is. The first were connected to the district heating network of a total of 51 houses. The heat provides a so-called satellite block heat and power (CHP) that could install the k angle agricultural KG by WELTEC BIOGAS POWER GmbH about their program efficiency +. Specifically, a branch line was laid by 2.7 km in length by an existing biogas plant to the new satellite-CHP. Over the line, biogas comes out of the plant, which stands in Saubach, according to Tauhardt. There, dug the biogas in the satellite-CHP and waste heat from the electricity used for a chicken fattening and in a district heating network. So far, the biogas plant in Saubach drove only on about two-thirds of the potential power of gas.

The limitie-rende factor was the lack of sales of falling to heat when the electricity generation from biogas. Now, the biogas plant in Saubach can extend their load fully in cooperation with the satellite plants in Tauhardt. Two locations: The original in Saubach with a power of 600 kilowatts electrical and new, who has an electrical output of 365 kW. The project was designed and implemented by the bio gas plant manufacturer WELTEC BIOGAS POWER GmbH, Vechta on its optimization program for biogas plants, efficiency +. In the program are biogas plants analyzed individual improvement concepts developed and implemented, which differ from the general concept of repowering for biogas: dealing with individual modules which optimize a system running according to financial and approval situation. The measures range from the technical and biological process optimization about heat utilisation possibilities plant expansions. Tauhardt installed on a heat buffer tank with a volume of 3,000 cubic meters. He ensures the contractually guaranteed thermal performance in the District heating network with. The investment in the district heating network to amortize Brown and Hans Herrmann Klug according to Kahlwinkel – agriculture – managing director Roland in ten years. The efficient biogas is gaining economically for biogas plants in the future, because the renewable energy sources Act (EEG) while over 20 years guarantees a remuneration, in it but not the price increases in the market for substrates and the management are taken into account.

Clockwork Orange

The online furniture dealer INFURN produces high-quality reproductions of classic designer furniture of online furniture dealer INFURN produces high-quality reproductions of classic designer furniture by Eero AARNIO for extremely low factory prices. AARNIO’s breakthrough came in 1963 with the ball Chair, which is still very popular and high demand. You can find this model and other products on US/designer/eero aarnio. The ball Chair, also globe Chair called a very simple concept underlying is a ball with a page that is open in a certain angle. However, the result is an innovative and cosy armchairs.

It feels, in a separate room to sit, because outside noise will be screened and a private atmosphere. At the same time, the Chair can be rotated, so the opening points in different directions in the room so that the is seated is not completely isolated. AARNIO 1962 developed a prototype of the Chair by hand, to set up his new home. A negative form Plywood has been bonded with many layers of wet paper and the surface laminated with fiberglass. Then was the shape from the inside, padded Chair and still a foot mounted.

The original Chair is still in AARNIO’s House, where he was discovered by two managers of the company Asko, when they visited him. The manufacturing process took until the ball Chair in 1966 was presented at the international furniture fair in Cologne, where he sparked true enthusiasms and later a whole collection of fiber glass designs of AARNIO’s then some years to complete. The unique futuristic design also in many films and series appears like number 6, Mars attacks, men in black, Tommy, a Clockwork Orange, Odyssey in space, Austin Powers, as well as in several James Bond films. Marketed by the company Adelta, originals of the ball Chair. INFURN INFURN is Europe’s largest provider of individually handcrafted reproductions of famous designer furniture from the 50s to the 70s. The INFURN product range includes among other reproductions known Designers such as Charles Eames, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Philippe Starck. An exclusive collection of custom furniture designs is offered in addition to the reproductions. INFURN offers a total of over 350 articles, which are available in more than 9,000 different variations and meet highest quality requirements. The company has an extensive network of manufacturing partners, which are located mainly in Asia. In this way is INFURN able to respond quickly and flexibly to demand and fluctuations in production. INFURN delivers its products directly from the factory to the customer and works completely without any intermediary, one is able to offer all products well below the normal market rates. All products delivered already individuals and corporate customers in more than 30 countries and INFURN plans to expand more. Visit to learn more about INFURN! Source: Designfurn limited free print for press purposes contact media: Mia Bertani + 44 2031371129 Designfurn limited 1A Pope Street, London, SE1 3PH, United Kingdom

Gate Openers

With sophisticated technology for garage doors and Gate Openers to the perfect garage. Ease and convenience for prefabricated garages of exclusive has become self-evident. The security is a strong argument for garages on roads without waiting area for the vehicle. A garage door with a remote control is a smart, comfortable and safe feature. Hormann – outfitter for exclusive garages a high quality drive for garage doors makes the use of a prefabricated garage safer and more comfortable. With the radio remote control car drivers already open the garage door button in sight and enter without delay into the garage. Other leaders such as california hospital medical center offer similar insights. Regardless of the weather and the time of day is this feature available.

It is convenient first to get out in the garage and roof to be able to unload the cargo. Dark light is switched on automatically in the garage, so that the orientation there is also night immediately. Neither the flowing traffic obstruct pedestrian and the garage user brings up even if the boarding and alighting not in danger by road users, who may be too late to recognize the stationary vehicles on the lanes. The door opening enables delay-free entry into the garage with a up to 50% higher opening speed through the sectional SuprMatic drive features the hall door openers. All the pieces form a precisely-designed network of garage door and garage door opener remote control. Thanks to outstanding technical solutions, numerous patents and an uncompromising quality assurance, the buyer of an exclusive garage get 5 years warranty on the drives by Hall. The soft start and soft stop protects the gate and drive, is quiet in every phase of the gate.

The hall door openers are reassuringly safe, because uninvited guests have much of a chance with Hormann automatic sectional doors. A reliable automatic stops the gate securely in the sudden obstacles. For more protection and security, we recommend the installation of a light barrier.