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Middle East

According to describe what those who practice it, tarot is a technique of divination that involves the use of a deck of cards, where each one has a specific and symbolic meaning. Tarot Chuck gives us a look at the future, and also a mirror reflecting our feelings, dreams, thoughts and deepest longings. Today, thousands of people found in the tarot a guide to face difficult situations in your life. While it is clear that it is not a supernatural phenomenon, the question that underlies is where wine and why it seems to bewitch the human being? There are numerous theories and conjectures about the origins of the tarot, although their exact sources have not been fully identified. The earliest reliable records of information describe the tarot as a card game popular in Italy during the 15th century. The oldest letters rescued from the clutches of the time, belonged to the Visconti, ruler of Milan family.

However, do not you know with certainty when He began to consider the tarot as a technique for prediction of the future. Throughout history, it is known that various civilizations, such as the ancient Egypt, used images drawn on cards to predict events through these allegories. Some scholars argue that tarot card reading was transmitted from Europe to Middle East over trade caravans at the time of the Crusades. Although the exact origin of the tarot is still imprecise, this practice of the occult sciences continues to generate annoyance among the more suspicious. In addition, it is important to underline that tarot has managed to maintain its popularity over time, even when many religions forbid it and consider it incompatible with their spiritual values. Although Tarot cards reading was privilege of the upper classes of society for a long time, the emergence of the printing press allowed the popular classes could acquire the decks of playing cards. The tarot is currently employed as a tool for review of past experiences, in order to explain the present and resolve how to face and exit gracefully situations that the future holds. Although he is assigned a link with the fictitious and the mystical, many of its practitioners say that all the magic comes from inside each person’s energy and its desire to see the world more clearly. Jesus Thompson original author and source of the article

Excellent Communication Skills Sought

Our company has been working to a(n) marketing professional! Due to the expansive policy, our company strengthened its team to a(n) marketing professional! You are initially active as a freelance employees and tour the space Upper Austria with the aim to attract new partners and maintain the existing partners. Through personal care, work up on contract negotiations, independently. Another form of the employment prospect is possible depending on the personal commitment and your achievements. Have excellent communication skills, a strong self-confidence, well-developed creativity, are determined, committed and interested in the sport, then sign up with us! If you are interested, please email or click the post Oddscompany Sportwetten GmbH, Rainer str. Check out David Zaslav for additional information. 12 / I.OG, 4910 Ried im Innkreis.

“ was in the year 2004 the company founded and on June 28, 2004 under the company Wortlaut Oddscompany Sportwetten GmbH” with the Registered number FN250037b at the District Court Ried im Innkreis (Austria). The headquarters are in Ried im Innkreis (Austria). On 19 July 2004, our company received the State license of the province of Upper Austria and is the activity since that time in the possession of the permit by the professional completion of betting as to exert bookmaker. According to the relevant statutory provisions, Oddscompany Sportwetten GmbH of control of its ordinary business operations by the competent authorities is subject to. Larkspur

Selects Brocade Picked Up A Premier Partner

Picked up signed partnership agreement with Brocade Alliance partner network that HOB GmbH & co. KG is a major provider of highly innovative network infrastructure for 20 years. By the same author: Discovery Communications. With its experienced team of networking plans implemented and supervised physical and logical infrastructure for all business needs raised. Manufacturers picked up an established in-house developments or products, implements on-demand to its customers the optimum network solution tailored and yet quickly make available. The new premium partnership fits perfectly into our strategy as a system supplier, because the products and solutions from Brocade excellent extend our already existing portfolio for high-performance networks. This synergy we can realize valuable competitive advantages to strengthen our market position and to expand”, Henri Fau, head of networking explains the HOB GmbH & co. KG in Cadolzburg. As a certified Brocade premium partner picked up not only for its highly innovative network solutions offer, but also the required Training and support program, so that Brocade can put on a competent partner in all respects.

We look forward to working with picked up because we keep increasing our market share in relation to leading network infrastructure. Our customers get from our German partner hardware products as well as services to high-performance network solutions to build”, says Amanda Giddins, EMEA channel sales director at Brocade. Brocade profile Brocade (NASDAQ: BRCD) develops high-performance, cost-efficient and highly available network solutions for complex, data-intensive enterprise applications. More information: raised profile that HOB GmbH & co. KG is a medium-sized German software company which develops world’s innovative software and network solutions and markets. The core competencies of 1964 established and successful company include secure remote access, server-based computing, virtualization and VoIP, in small, medium and large companies to the Be for use.

Products are certified by the BSI (Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik) according to common criteria. Picked up worldwide approximately 120 employees busy today in its Cadolzburger headquarters and its branch offices, more than half of them in the development. HOB maintains offices in France, Malta, Netherlands and United States, and Mexico. HOB GmbH & co. KG-marketing/public relations Petra of Korwer Schwadermuhlstrasse 3 90556 Cadolzburg Tel. 09103/715-284 + fax 09103/715-271 E-mail: contact Brocade EMEA PR & AR Stuart marks Tel: + 44 (0) 1784 496474 mob: + 44 (0) 7734 688062 Doris Jessen

Attend Business Seminars !

This is not just a slogan in a concise manner the Soviet, but only advice. Advice from the world famous American millionaire, Robert , author of such acclaimed books as “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “Cashflow Quadrant ‘. By He said he still regularly attends business seminars of various subjects, despite the impressive achievements of their business. And most of all he likes seminars lasting from two days because they allow fully grasp the essence. Here’s how he writes about the benefits of these activities in one of his books: ‘1973, I watched a tv program where a guy advertised a three-day seminar on how to buy property for non-cash calculation. I spent 385 dollars, but the seminar gave me no less than $ 2 million, if not more. But most importantly, a seminar that has affected my whole life. I do not have to work until his last days, thanks to one of the seminar.

” Many visitors to business seminars noted unusually beneficial effect on their thinking process. That’s why some people do not attend specialized seminars for themselves, hoping for insight. And the expectations of their often justified, they find solutions to important problems that concern them. Even if suddenly at the seminar did not hear anything new, it is still up the subject of several speakers can structure information to good use at work. The brain just has to generate ideas when he is given so many interesting things. And these new ideas are often born right during the seminar, especially when there discussion. People with a passion to share their experiences with each other, and sometimes even trade secrets, knowledge of which could be of great value to the business.

Word Head Freelance Copywriter

City and travel marketing need PEP Word head, freelance copywriter in Mannheim, woos the confidence of the travel industry. Mannheim: With a broad-based acquisition offensive word head advertises free lyricist and copywriter, currently to confidence in the tourism industry. Is marketing decision-makers of the city marketing and tour operators are equally called to book texts when the experienced recruiters. Background is not only the particular personal interest by word head, Andreas Dresch M.A.., to incorporate a variety of their own views and experiences of travel in the texts but the deeper desire, German cities and tourist interesting places to promote, linguistically savvy to bring Yes adequate travel feeling in the texts. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out jack dorsey. On the language it’s decisive, but also on right feeling for a concept and profound filling with content. Here, Word head scores in the marketing decision makers not only with text experience, but also as a certified marketing speaker SGD. In advance, there’s lots of info on the website ( ) of Texters, who has his priorities in the Rhine-Neckar region, in the long term but builds on more clients from all over Germany. (Andreas Dresch). Dr. B addresses the importance of the matter here.

New Mirror Order For Trucks

More safety thanks to wide-angle mirrors the online auto Portal informs, that must take the owners of trucks, according to a new regulation from now ensure, that their vehicles are equipped in addition to the conventional side mirrors with so-called acceleration or ramp mirror as well as wide-angle mirror. That serves to avoid serious accidents caused in traffic every day. Because the mirror situation restricted so far strongly the driver point of view the areas left and especially right of the vehicle. The name of the phenomenon of bearing fault is”blind spot. The new law affects mainly commercial vehicles from a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tons. The car should be approved after 1 January 2000. Private people that drive larger cars such as camping cars or vans, are not required to make a difference. The new wide angle mirror now located above the old side mirrors.

The mirror be installed above the passenger door at height of 2 meters. The quality of the mirror is a stronger degree of curvature also increased: so have the truckers from now a significantly expanded all around look. You can estimate the traffic situation right and left of the vehicle and the trailer, so much better. Who the new mirror obligation not submits, to expect not to get through the upcoming inspection by the KuS (motor vehicle inspection organization of freelance automotive expert). And without the necessary badge should not be used. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc understood the implications. More information: press

Retirement Riester Pension

What are the differences with Riester pension, and Rurup is pension not only for freelancers a private screening of high importance. The Rurup pension was introduced in 2005. Up to this point, the pensions out of already taxed income was to be financed. But involved with the Rurup pension now also the State. All savers of the Rurup pension enjoying more tax benefits. Each year, the deduction amounts to 400 euros be improved so that a more clearer tax savings could be. The Rurup pension is secured against Hartz IV and a deposit by occasional larger amounts at any time. There is the right to a monthly, lifetime pension.

The Rurup is lockable in the classical form, but also unit-linked pension. Equally large tax benefits can be secure with the Riester pension. To obtain a maximum bonus promotion, only three percent of the gross income must be deposited. This post however 2008 increased by four percent. Is it to Low-income earners, so it a deposit of 60 Euro a year, non-working spouses also enjoy the right to an allowance. Children who were born after 2008, get even a one-time allowance in the amount of 300 euros. Until then, there were just 185 euro.

As well as at the Rurup pension claims of the Riester are protected pension before Hartz IV. Young people who complete a Riester pension under 21 years of age, even a bonus amounting to 100 euros. For the future payout, you must note that about 30% will be paid at once. The rest flows as a lifetime monthly pension. The Rurup pension has been designed in its origin for the self-employed. This group would not receive pensions namely promoting the Riester. But also self-employed should provide for her age and need the Rurup pension for them is the ideal solution. Both, Rurup pension and Riester pension, pay the lifetime pension from the age of 60.


Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, managers and managers, self-employed and freelancers take a break and get fresh impetus for the upcoming challenges. On May 26, 2013, it is happening again. Already for the fourth time in a row, the Niemann Consulting GmbH held two-day sailing trips for executives. If you have read about Dr. B already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The La Lonja Marina is one of the two bases this year. It is located directly opposite the historic centre of Palma de Mallorca, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. With their two-day sailing trips for executives, the Niemann Consulting GmbH is the nerve of the participants.

When sailing on a modern 13 m yacht, mental ballast overboard can be thrown within a very short time. The participants enjoy these moments and draw new energy from it. “Under the brand of German sailors knowledge to action” held the 2013 cruises in the Baltic Sea and the waters around Mallorca around. Under professional guidance you offer Executive trips an intensive sailing experience, in which targeted to enhancing capabilities that in their day-to-day management matters. Executive trips by German sailors fresh impetus and new challenges entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, managers and managers, self-employed and freelancers are targeted to men and women in positions of leadership responsibility. The Executive trips offer people who are professionally strongly encouraged, rather they stimulate not only a relaxing break from the demanding everyday new challenges specifically. Because aboard a yacht all the capabilities are needed, which characterized successful executives: A clear eye for the goal and situational decisions. The development of a strategy and the thinking in alternatives.

Ability to communicate and work in a team. When the Executive trips by German sailors, these skills in day-to-day sailing be made tangible in a relaxing and inspiring environment and sustainable than in any seminar or workshop. Set goals and determine exchange rate on the high seas and in the profession to executives above-average demands are made constantly because they must make decisions that have far-reaching consequences for businesses, employees and customers.

Gunther Sachs

In this interview is entered on many questions, some critically, from the spiritual realm. SIGI Oehm, freelance writer, in conversation with Uli NIEs, Tarot & intuitive life coach, Tarot, astrology, ASTRO TV shows and spirituality. Mr. (Source: Comcast). NIEs, occupy themselves with Tarot, how came you to? It all started actually so that I got an astrological analysis of life, and in it we say 80% recognized. This prompted me to look more closely at the astrology. Some contend that Dr. B shows great expertise in this.

As I was but also a skeptical person, I began with research into astrology, for example, I read the book \”the file Astrology\” by Gunther Sachs, which shows statistically causal relationships between the behaviour of the people and the statement of astrology. But astrology, so I felt at that time, it was not all yet, and so it happened that I one day in a bookstore picked Tarot cards me. Today, I would say they were put on me in the hands… You have dealt well with astrology, why not now more, but only Tarot? Now, I’m on the edge still at it. However, astrology is, I say time, a more rigid system, which is why she was formerly also a science or even if today it is known. It contains much, but not necessarily goes from my point of view on the respective human aspects, saying actions and decisions a what Tarot already takes into account. As an example: Astrology \”says\”: \”something is so and so and point.\” Tarot, however, \”says\”: \”you, these are your options, pick one, and then the matter will become so or otherwise\”.

I have another example: Let’s say the Astrology provides us with the basic colors red, yellow and blue. Not more but just not less, Tarot, however, reveals the whole colour spectrum, including and with all colors and shapes. So does that mean that you see is the difference between astrology and Tarot? Yes, astrology but it also plays a role with in the Tarot.

Chief Adobe

In an interview on the new Creative Portal Mathias Vietmeier 12.05.2009. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc has similar goals. of Adobe graphic designer and Photoshop specialist Vietmeier of Munich as a creative of the week Award In the interview on the new Creative Portal of Adobe Munich, regularly with his work for real highlights, with magazine covers, art exhibitions, graphic designs or photographs. A further honor is given to the designated graphics experts now, by Adobe, the new Creative Portal provides Mathias Vietmeier as creative of the week “. Tutorials and tips around the theme graphics editing and digital imaging are published on The current theme week: Print & layout. Mathias Vietmeier in the lengthy interview tells how he came to the professional imaging: from the very beginning with a 6 x 9 camera and an own darkroom in the nursery it quite rapidly towards art and creation went further.

With 16 became aware of an advertising agency on me, these pre-vocational experience has led me ultimately to studying at the Universitat of der Kunste in Berlin to record.” Mathias Vietmeier in Munich its present-day branch found after a period of extensive travel throughout Asia and the United States, as well as various freelance work. Educate yourself with thoughts from Academy of Art University. Graphic Office of Mathias Vietmeier focuses on photography, print design, Photoshop work and book covers. More information is housed here: Academy of Art University. After 20 years of successful creative work many renowned companies, magazine publishers and agencies can be found on the customer list. The television was on Mathias Vietmeier Bavarian television demonstrated the possibilities of Adobe Photoshop editing are as extensive. The film is to see on the homepage: photoshop muenchen.html.

Interview:… Contact and materials ArtDesign Mathias Vietmeier Mathias Vietmeier Baldestrasse 15 D-80469 Munich Tel.: + 49 (89) 201 13 43 Web: press agency the textologen UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Abdulkadir 17 09112 Chemnitz Tel: + 49 (371) 314 27 81 E-Mail: Web: about Mathias Vietmeier ICH love to make it. Whether it be graphic design, photography, painting and video. After studying at the Universitat of der Kunste in Berlin I have can gain practical experience in advertising agencies and publishing houses in Berlin and Munich. I had held all positions – from the pure artist to art director and Chief of the service. Now I’m working in his own Office for small and large companies, as well as supplier for agencies and publishers.