Clockwork Orange

The online furniture dealer INFURN produces high-quality reproductions of classic designer furniture of online furniture dealer INFURN produces high-quality reproductions of classic designer furniture by Eero AARNIO for extremely low factory prices. AARNIO’s breakthrough came in 1963 with the ball Chair, which is still very popular and high demand. You can find this model and other products on US/designer/eero aarnio. The ball Chair, also globe Chair called a very simple concept underlying is a ball with a page that is open in a certain angle. However, the result is an innovative and cosy armchairs.

It feels, in a separate room to sit, because outside noise will be screened and a private atmosphere. At the same time, the Chair can be rotated, so the opening points in different directions in the room so that the is seated is not completely isolated. AARNIO 1962 developed a prototype of the Chair by hand, to set up his new home. A negative form Plywood has been bonded with many layers of wet paper and the surface laminated with fiberglass. Then was the shape from the inside, padded Chair and still a foot mounted.

The original Chair is still in AARNIO’s House, where he was discovered by two managers of the company Asko, when they visited him. The manufacturing process took until the ball Chair in 1966 was presented at the international furniture fair in Cologne, where he sparked true enthusiasms and later a whole collection of fiber glass designs of AARNIO’s then some years to complete. The unique futuristic design also in many films and series appears like number 6, Mars attacks, men in black, Tommy, a Clockwork Orange, Odyssey in space, Austin Powers, as well as in several James Bond films. Marketed by the company Adelta, originals of the ball Chair. INFURN INFURN is Europe’s largest provider of individually handcrafted reproductions of famous designer furniture from the 50s to the 70s. The INFURN product range includes among other reproductions known Designers such as Charles Eames, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Philippe Starck. An exclusive collection of custom furniture designs is offered in addition to the reproductions. INFURN offers a total of over 350 articles, which are available in more than 9,000 different variations and meet highest quality requirements. The company has an extensive network of manufacturing partners, which are located mainly in Asia. In this way is INFURN able to respond quickly and flexibly to demand and fluctuations in production. INFURN delivers its products directly from the factory to the customer and works completely without any intermediary, one is able to offer all products well below the normal market rates. All products delivered already individuals and corporate customers in more than 30 countries and INFURN plans to expand more. Visit to learn more about INFURN! Source: Designfurn limited free print for press purposes contact media: Mia Bertani + 44 2031371129 Designfurn limited 1A Pope Street, London, SE1 3PH, United Kingdom


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