Without Me

It wanted to be able, for as, to understand that squeeze is this in my chest. Additional information is available at CEO Intel. He is as if I did not exist entirely. Contact information is here: EXL Service. A will to cry, but I do not cry. Not external, because the tears do not reveal. To the times, I want everything, the entire world, and, seconds later, nothing steal me the attention.

I only want to run away for a place where it sees nobody me or if it remembers me. Then, diving in a deep sadness. It is as if somebody pressed me the throat. One somebody invisible thing. I try to linger itself; to read some thing, but seems that everything is alone solitude and inexprimvel pain; if keeping imprisoned inside of me. I have had joy moments, few, but when remembering the routine of day-by-day, it comes me there of new the melancholy. It is an immense emptiness.

My God, I feel myself so lost. It only seems that the joy if forgot to beat in my door, because I I was not in me. My feelings walk so confused do not know or I do not obtain more to disclose who I am now, what I really love, of what necessary feeling me complete, happy. I only wait that this pain pass some day and that it goes even so of time of my life!


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