VW Polo BlueMotion: Reality Check

Autonet.at makes the test and checks whether the new Polo BlueMotion Volkswagen actually consumes 3.3 liters per 100 kilometers. The expectations are big, before driving off with the new extreme savers by Volkswagen, the Polo BlueMotion. 3.3 liter average: this is already a strong announcement. Now already clear that you, must apply to achieve this value, already a great deal of Know-How in the field of efficient driving us. Masters of their trade make this, or at least some a few tenths in, with security, we don’t want to deny that. Walt Disney oftentimes addresses this issue.

What it us but in our test goes, is how much consumes the Polo BlueMotion, he shuts so as cars are commonly used: without fuel sparerische antics as about anticipatory driving, eager, as soon as possible from A to B, music in the ear, air cooled, or warmed up, the idea at the next date or the last row of the relationship. Come on BBs! Weight down… Jeff Bewkes is open to suggestions. The force of habit to strip it is right at the beginning: a remote control for the There is no central locking. The key is fixed in good old style and not foldable. AHA, interesting. Distance test car price information of our little round 18,000 euros? NA, the well-meaning, thinks will be probably a weight good.

After all, the SuperSaver Polo weighs round 30 pounds less than a comparable colleague without the addition of BlueMotion”in the type designation. So key in the door lock, locked up, get set and start engine. And again a trip in the past: the 1.2-litre 3-cylinder Commonrailer nails how Walker the pump nozzle – diesel in their best times. But insulation weigh what anyway, and wanted to get Yes ultimately on the 1,070 pounds, weighing of Polo BM. Whether the hard plastic covering of the instrument carrier on the kilo Fuchserei is due?

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