Thought Of Everything Before The Holiday?

By health insurance A to Z like payment – that one should not forget: the trip is booked, packed the bags. \”Probably everyone has ever sent the fervent prayer to heaven given the hectic travel preparation time: I hope I didn’t forget anything!\” Like you calmed down with the idea that what now would not even could be bought on the spot. But unfortunately not all, think of stressed, would-be vacationers had to, makes in the supermarket of the target country. Case packing. \”Because no one will have the check list for the appropriate contents of the suitcase, unfortunately only the Council can in this respect be, prematurely packing to begin with, at least but depending on the type of travel and duration of a few days prior to departure a just-not-forgotten list\” on the man (or woman) to have, on which you can record all this, what spontaneously comes to mind. Tip: Thinking about the new regulations for hand luggage on planes! Copies. It is useful to have copies of all important Travel documents to draw. A copy of the identity card or passport should be in the case.

So, still a copy of the identification document available and a replacement is easier in theft of the handbag. Also, passenger receipts, tickets, or reservations as a copy should exist and be stored separately from the storage place of the original. Monetary. Can you pay in the destination country not with euros, you must enquire in advance, whether in national currency or dollars should be changed, if the change here or spot conveniently (exchange rate) and ATMs (bancomat) or how common traveller checks there are as widespread. To be prepared for all contingencies (E.g. no bank nearby), it is advisable, a portion of the money as cash, to take a part on credit card and a part in checks.

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