The Manned Mars Landing: An Upcoming Event?

The space powers, notably the United States, boast with a new objective of the space: A space of infinitely many stars, planets and black holes. During the cold war, the space was a very popular area, it was highly regarded and tried always to surpass themselves. After the moon landing will be discussed after next, spectacular performances in the humanity: the Mars landing. When the American astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to ever walk on the Moon in 1969, he made history. Armstrong has been a true pioneer”in human history. At that time, an arms race of the two powers United States and Soviet Union took place. Today it is a shadow of the past few days. Still the next planet in the sights: the Mars.

The red planet is the Earth, so us, is the closest. A landing of robots is already done. So also a manned landing on Mars could be feasible. “After the year 2012 curiosity” (german curiosity”), a sophisticated robot on Mars landed, he since then trying to find traces of human life on the planet. Therefore, a lot of tools available are him.

Curiosity”is a great success of the NASA, because previously landings on Mars, failed by the ESA probe, and no one heard more of them depending on a signal. With the time, space in the Western world increasingly important but lost because the previously leading country United States was deterred by enormous problems (E.g., depression). Only a statement by US President Barack Obama (a Manned Mars landing I will experience yet”) provides for enthusiasm. But a trip to Mars is difficult, one year there, astronauts would need roughly with the shuttle though simulations are often rehearsed. By China’s entry into the space exploration (were”), it may be interesting.

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