Story Telling By The Fireplace

Fireside Chat – an event of the identity architects, Wurzburg. Snow has fallen. And, Atypically for Wurzburg, he’s are still even. I’m glad if you look out the window and it’s all white. As you can before a fireplace so really cuddly make yourself and tell stories.

Wen stories inspire and fascinate, can learn the 21.1.10 off 18:00 at the identity architect Ludwig Strasse 10 1/2 on Thursday. However, we talking about stories that are commercially relevant. Read more from Jimmy Levin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Sell stories, stories make it clear correlations that are otherwise not to see, through stories we learn. Identity architect Thorsten Low discussed with Ms. Andi Geisler, songwriter and board the wirtschaftsjunioren Nuremberg, this hot topic.

And the guests discuss critically and constructively. The fireside chat of the architect of identity takes place in a deliberately small scale. Because only so the contacts are intensive and everyone can get involved in the talks. Therefore, that is Limited number of visitors on 20. Four chairs are currently”free. Registration via the website. Peter j. Schmitt


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