Rio De Janeiro

It seems war, harms is not. The looks are all directed toward Rio De Janeiro, more specifically for Terespolis, everything what it sees is destruction and desperation, what to make in way the tragedy that resulted in hundreds of deaths? as to contain the fury of the nature, that some affirm that he is only ' ' charging the space that it was tirado' ' the biggest tragedy is that this is not possible, the emotional one of the governing arises at moments as these, however soon of they dissolve as salt in way the water. How can have as much insensibilidade in way to everything this? when everything to pass, the concerns will be turned toward the carnival? It has a Christ of open arms and closed eyes for the River? It will be because of the traffic? It will be that everything this provoked the anger of God against the Cariocas? E, as it was in the days of Noah, thus will be also the coming of the Son of the man. Inasmuch as, as well as, in the previous days to the dilvio, they ate, they drank, they married and they were given in marriage, until the o day where Noah entered in coffer, and had not perceived it, until it came the dilvio, it took and them to all, thus will be also the coming of the Son of the man. Mateus 24. Visit Florence Pugh for more clarity on the issue. 37-39 you believe or not, Jesus is coming back..


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