POC Proven Oil Canada Continues

First investment for POC growth 2 Fund startup already contractually fixed; Once again compelling facts Berlin, 09.05.2011. Rush was announced at the Emissionshaus POC energy solutions GmbH. Because after the first short runner Fund of Berlin was placed in only two and a half months with the maximum volume of 40 million euros, a result product, taking into account the same criteria of quality, should be produced. “That is now at the start: the growth of POC 2. GmbH & co. Get more background information with materials from EXL Service.

KG” (POC growth 2) has a volume of 20 million euros, which can be extended with shareholder resolution. The minimum drawing amounts to 10,000 euros plus five percent agio once again. Also in the POC growth 2, the investors receive preferred 12 percent Vorabausschuttungen on the fund capital per year. These are paid quarterly. Beginning of these distributions is in the second year, and so far accrued the first year will be made up at the latest. Fund Manager Monika Galba moved so the consequence from the experience, that when the POC growth 1 the Prefer Vorabausschuttungen could, because she was very early stage investing and quickly brought the now optimized source income for the Fund. We want to pass on of course this advantage on the Fund subscribers”, she explains. Again, a bonus system offered early subscribers: who joins up to June 30, 2011, will receive three percentage points on top.

This reduced percentage point two (until July 21) or one (until August 11). All investors – despite the increase of the total volume – an early artist bonus achieved in the POC growth 1. Total fund management aims at within a doubling of the capital subscribed before taxes from four to six years. Another 25 percent also referring to the capital of the fund investors allocated, if the crude oil price based on the West Texas intermediate (WTI) during the last 12 months prior to the liquidation of the property company averaging at least $ 95 per barrel of oil.

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