Beautiful moments in life hold or give away Haar near Munich with design from European companies, in October 2010. Modern functional design, exceptionally high-quality materials and best workmanship meets these characteristics each of mostly hand-crafted products, that can be purchased on since September 2010. The new online shop for demanding customers who want to stylishly capture special moments of life with photos and handwritten notes, leads photo albums and Leporello, guests, note and address books, timer, cards and writing accessories. Gifts large and small beautiful moments of creative packaging can be found under the menu item gift ideas and for crafters with scrapbooking. Tools such as search for color selection”facilitate the selection on the Web page. Precious articles are exclusively and directly by innovative craft companies mostly traditional family-owned company, which for generations regional Processing methods apply from all over Europe, but from Germany, Italy, France and Belgium, involved. The customer will receive a collector’s item, on which he will have joy long thanks to high quality: the today in the production quite rare thread stitching on the bulky photo albums, for example, prevents, that pages can solve.

Also the processing of soft leather which has been dyed with environmentally-friendly paint, in the stylish Romano product series of a Tuscan factory is a peculiarity as well as the fabrication of screen-printed linen covers of a German design. Some of momentissimo can even be the heirloom because only acid – and chlorine-free paper is used. So it does not become yellow and written in ink or pencil lasts forever”, without fading. Rare card and envelopes from selected paper and elegant layout are also represented in the catalogue. The momentissimo printing service that offered enables labels according to your own requirements and an individual Merge with personal title and address. The page is, has launched by the weddix GmbH online shop experience of over ten years. A team of 20 employees over the years takes care of purchasing, the Organization and a rapid shipment process. Delivered is currently in over 30 countries. The payment is made via the usual online payment options. Seal of quality guarantee man as “Trusted Shops” already security when shopping at momentissimo, the new online project of the two Munich-based entrepreneur Sylke and Thoralf. Author Chris Kneuttinger, on behalf of the weddix GmbH

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