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According to describe what those who practice it, tarot is a technique of divination that involves the use of a deck of cards, where each one has a specific and symbolic meaning. Tarot Chuck gives us a look at the future, and also a mirror reflecting our feelings, dreams, thoughts and deepest longings. Today, thousands of people found in the tarot a guide to face difficult situations in your life. While it is clear that it is not a supernatural phenomenon, the question that underlies is where wine and why it seems to bewitch the human being? There are numerous theories and conjectures about the origins of the tarot, although their exact sources have not been fully identified. The earliest reliable records of information describe the tarot as a card game popular in Italy during the 15th century. The oldest letters rescued from the clutches of the time, belonged to the Visconti, ruler of Milan family.

However, do not you know with certainty when He began to consider the tarot as a technique for prediction of the future. Throughout history, it is known that various civilizations, such as the ancient Egypt, used images drawn on cards to predict events through these allegories. Some scholars argue that tarot card reading was transmitted from Europe to Middle East over trade caravans at the time of the Crusades. Although the exact origin of the tarot is still imprecise, this practice of the occult sciences continues to generate annoyance among the more suspicious. In addition, it is important to underline that tarot has managed to maintain its popularity over time, even when many religions forbid it and consider it incompatible with their spiritual values. Although Tarot cards reading was privilege of the upper classes of society for a long time, the emergence of the printing press allowed the popular classes could acquire the decks of playing cards. The tarot is currently employed as a tool for review of past experiences, in order to explain the present and resolve how to face and exit gracefully situations that the future holds. Although he is assigned a link with the fictitious and the mystical, many of its practitioners say that all the magic comes from inside each person’s energy and its desire to see the world more clearly. Jesus Thompson original author and source of the article

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