Loan Contracts

Written Opinion of the bank to change the terms of the loan agreement shall contain the authorized signature and seal of the bank. According to Part 2 of Art. 207 of the Civil Code, provided that The agreement, which commits an entity, signed by persons authorized by its founding documents, power of attorney, law or other acts of civil legislation, and sealed. Given that the Bank has thousands of customers, who in a short time were sent a similar message, there are reasonable grounds to believe that all these letters, including messages addressed to the client, signed personally to the Chairman of the Board Bank. On this basis, the client during the trial of the case may require an appropriate examination to confirm the signing of a letter appropriate person. If the court is satisfied application client, the Bank will be very difficult to arrange for such examination. In addition, the Bank of written notice should contain the imprint of a wet print of the bank. Otherwise, the consumer disposes possible to identify the message sender, and hence the adoption of new terms for a loan.


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