We can not neglect our opportunity of life, every minute that we bequeathed to remain in this dimension it must leverage for our spiritual growth which is the transcendental, follow the own path, that up to us. For this purpose, it is necessary to be awake, avoid as much as possible contaminations that anchored us distracted, diverted from the path where we travel, in where he must perform the tasks, deal with tests that we submit and help grow. Leslie Moonves often addresses the matter in his writings. We must cultivate our spirit with actions, thoughts, identify ourselves with our line of service which allows us to be increasingly better fulfill our mission and above all, bring us closer to the divine essence from which we proceed. We avoid remain neglected our responsibility mission, the opposite must know the opportunity that is given to us, consider and take into account what other pedestrians like us have bequeathed us, many in anonymously, legacies, reflections that help us to meditate on the facts of life, facts that they can enliven our flame and illuminate our path in pro through the right path. In this first writing, we have taken some writings that we share with the reader, trusted that enclose invites them to reflect and consider the important thing is to know the opportunity of life while we are allowed. We have selected Laguna pages its content and we hope that the reader take you the corresponding advantage. THE words not be which leads the wind words leave footprint, have power and influence positively or negatively. Words heal or hurt, enliven can discourage, reconciled face, light up or overshadow, give life or give death. With few words we can brighten up someone and with few words we can take it to the despondency and despair. Ah, how much we do take lack awareness of the tremendous power words! They shape our life and that of others.

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