In The Port Of Shiny Cars

First Oldtimer meeting in the Marina Runthe in the Marina Runthe run up to 200 motor boats on beautiful summer days and off. On August 23, the lively hustle and bustle on the water gets competition: shiny cars will be on the streets around the Harbour and the heart of classic car enthusiasts beat faster. For the first time, the Marina Runthe is a classic meeting place. “This event Hansi has middle in Bergkamen, launched the event agency type and act” operates. The Marina Runthe has flair and is a perfect stage to showcase vintage style”, middle of the location would be. The port path is to the runway”for time-honored cars of various makes and sizes.

All vintage and classic cars can participate. At 11 o’clock, the showdown of the vehicles on the BETA home site starts a small rally begins at 13:30. The returns are expected against 15. Then, a jury selects the winning car. The musical arrangement of the event blends seamlessly into the “A concept: the Street Kings” tours with a legendary vintage fire truck by all Germany and are the (auto) mobile bands in Germany for one. On August 23, they return to the pit-stop”in the Marina Runthe. The five-Member Band Schlager, evergreens, has oldies rock and pop in the luggage. There are the live sound of Purring engines and roaring hand horns. Participants can login with their vintage car organiser Hansi Middle 02307 / 663977 phone number. “

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