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Build your canopy yourself. Carport, patio roof, balcony roof or many other applications more. Winter 2010/2011 is waiting with some massive amounts of snow in the flat country and currently with strong thaw and floods, will be so many people probably still remembered. Lucky he who dry and safely can park his car in a massive garage concrete can be. But unfortunately this option is not given to everyone. One other reason might as well, that the space-related circumstances will not allow the construction of a massive concrete garage at home. The own car or motorbike is still so good it comes, be protected from wind and weather, you can consider the purchase of a car port. “The carport, in English also car port” called, takes over mainly the function of a garage built of concrete namely to protect the vehicle from rain or snow.

An advantage compared to concrete garage is, that the vehicle due to its open construction Car ports and better air exchange dries faster and significantly reduces the risk of corrosion. Carports, aluminum, can such as, for example, a carport to all sides be open or partially be closed with individual segments, usually the entrance of the car ports compared to the conventional garage is always open. The carport designs are manifold, from relatively simple variants with a flat roof up to more expensive models with saddle – or barrel roof, everything is of course also depends on the own financial budget to buy. Would you so avoid digging out his car or motorbike from larger amounts of snow, you should get a even more detailed information on the diverse range of car port.

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