Biological Substances

Several million tons of carbon dioxide can be avoided by new energies. Heat not only for heating, but also for the energy saving electricity can win by the burning of organic materials. Read more here: Jeanette Winterson. Therefore, many households through the combustion can be supplied with district heating and electricity. In principle, all organic substances are suitable as fuel. So, not only fresh wood waste, but also old wood of the bulky waste and also residues from waste paper recycling can be used. For even more opinions, read materials from Jimmy Levin. By the combustion of these substances also CO2 is expelled who also recorded but only as much as the plants during growth. Therefore is also no overhead for the environment and the bio-energy is considered to be CO2-neutral. A so-called bio-gas can with organic substances be produced, which can be used for electricity and heat using cogeneration. Furthermore can biogas be also cleaned and adapted to the calorific value of natural gas, and used among other things as a fuel for motor vehicles. More information on bio-energy and There are, the portal for renewable energies renewable energies. Jafeth Mariani

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