Attend Business Seminars !

This is not just a slogan in a concise manner the Soviet, but only advice. Advice from the world famous American millionaire, Robert , author of such acclaimed books as “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “Cashflow Quadrant ‘. By He said he still regularly attends business seminars of various subjects, despite the impressive achievements of their business. And most of all he likes seminars lasting from two days because they allow fully grasp the essence. Here’s how he writes about the benefits of these activities in one of his books: ‘1973, I watched a tv program where a guy advertised a three-day seminar on how to buy property for non-cash calculation. I spent 385 dollars, but the seminar gave me no less than $ 2 million, if not more. But most importantly, a seminar that has affected my whole life. I do not have to work until his last days, thanks to one of the seminar.

” Many visitors to business seminars noted unusually beneficial effect on their thinking process. That’s why some people do not attend specialized seminars for themselves, hoping for insight. And the expectations of their often justified, they find solutions to important problems that concern them. Even if suddenly at the seminar did not hear anything new, it is still up the subject of several speakers can structure information to good use at work. The brain just has to generate ideas when he is given so many interesting things. And these new ideas are often born right during the seminar, especially when there discussion. People with a passion to share their experiences with each other, and sometimes even trade secrets, knowledge of which could be of great value to the business.


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