Amplitude Modulation Control

Compressor new configuration Oval Scroll looks like a snail (on the slope of Mount Fuji, of course) and, according to experts, is optimal solution of natural organization of space: takes up little space in the best efficiency. It is difficult not to agree, if you remember the look on the part of our galaxy. And the proverbial clam, survive as long as the form since the Paleozoic, suggestive of distinct advantages to any T-Rex. Technically this form not only increases the efficiency of heat transfer due to pressure difference (lower in the center and increased by external spiral up by the centrifugal force), but also provides a significant reduction in operating noise and vibration. It plays a major role asymmetrically located double helical path with Special oval opening for coolant. Two of these know-how and formed the name of the compressor – Oval Scroll. Managing the new system, simplify the Daikin two new features The self: pam – Management and mio control. Pulse Amplitude Modulation Control is stabilization of current fluctuations in the 'board' network conditioner, which is fed single-phase voltage.

Through the use of pam – Management effectiveness of current rectification in the circuit increases from 85 to 99%. Suggests comparison with the known all motorists 'pill' of the generator – in both cases the stress regulates all the same diode bridge. The control system Daikin Multiply Input & Output Control (MIO) at the time caused the appearance of competing brands system of fuzzy logic (Fuzzi Control). Provide simultaneous automatic control of several parameters (motor speed and pressure in the pipeline), depending on the multiparameter input (Optimizing the input and output signals), mio system aims to maximize the rapid creation of comfortable conditions indoors.


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