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Canopies make terraces throughout the year can be used so all you like summer yet not say goodbye must you also still not! Since just September and October bring us experience shows that many beautiful days and balmy nights. Even if, that Peter is not good to us increases, with a terrace roof sitting in the dry. Barbecues, Skat evenings and tea party in the open air have long not abruptly canceled because some drops of rain. A matching canopy is not only practical, but also a visually appealing supplement. A terrace covered by detached, the beautiful season can be extended to many weeks.

Because the double-walled in the varieties of clear or Opal on the stable aluminium frame defy the first autumn rains and falling down foliage. But not only sunshine is guaranteed also in the summer months. The over roofing also holds the heat. This effect is reinforced by the choice of the double-walled IR solar. The Assembly a Aluminum patio roof of detached is extremely easy thanks to the supplied Kit: the manual is on a DVD, and all components are included. Whether silicone, aluminum tape or BUR for leaf catcher an extra gear to the hardware store is not necessary. The visual aspect is also taken into account. Fits the standard color white not to the remaining area, read the possibility to choose between all other RAL colours.

Because the roof on the head should also match the ambience. Interesting is also the rain gutter: inside she removed the water unseen. The related posts makes the system complete with his also-inner pipe. Speaking candidly David Zaslav told us the story. Who once chooses a patio roof of detached, get the option, to expand the system in the near or distant future to the winter garden. More information including the summerhouses and log cabins of the provider at. Text: Ulla Bussmann

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