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Twilight contest at to win valuable fan package! is giving away the big twilight fan pack! On November 26, it’s bite to the twilight saga Finally, the second part of the twilight saga titled”appears in the German cinemas. Too long the fans had to wait but all, because the theatrical release was brought forward two months. starting immediately the big twilight fan package is giving away as a reward for any twilight fan! Just take part in the great twilight competition and answer 10 questions about his favorite movie. Beckons as winning the 4-volume luxury edition of the twilight saga, the first part of the film saga and the twilight calendar 2010. The twilight saga the 35 year-old U.S. author Stephenie Meyer has launched the cult characters Edward Cullen and Bella Swan and created one of the most beautiful love stories of our time.

The first part, the twilight saga twilight saga: Dawn “was released on October 5, 2005 and immediately became an international bestseller. The series consists of four parts and is written from the perspective of Bella Swan. Each of the four Volumes has achieved enormous worldwide success and won new fans. According to Leslie Moonves, who has experience with these questions. But with the film adaptation of the first part, almost in the immense success grew. So a sequel could not long wait on themselves and so the second part of the cinema hits with the title new moon – the twilight saga twilight saga: Finally on 26 November”in our cinemas. The twilight series tells the story of the young Bella who encounters the mysterious Edward. The family of Edward stands slightly apart and appears very puzzling.

It is no wonder that the Cullens are vampires. You but apart from the archetype of a vampire and are called vegetarians”, only by the blood of animals feed on that. A love that is forbidden and will bring many difficulties developed between Edward and Bella. After they together could overcome the evil in the first part and therefore WINS their love, the romantic story in the second part takes a spectacular turn. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Eva Andersson-Dubin and gain more knowledge.. Fans can look forward already to the second part of this fantasy saga. So much was betrayed: Bella is suddenly between two men who are not quite of this world. “” The sweepstakes to the theatrical release of the second part of the twilight saga bite to the twilight saga “is giving away a twilight fan package with the DVD of the first part of bite to the dawn”, the entire band with the 4 best sellers by Stephenie Meyer and a twilight calendar 2010, with all the celebrities like Robert Pattinson and Kristen steward. What you have to do that are easy to answer 10 questions about twilight’s blog which will be a no brainer for true twilight fans. From all the participants, the winner eventually is drawn and can then forward through the exclusive twilight fan package from There are many more information and great twilight fan articles in the online-shop of or directly in the blog.

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