To Dream.

The life the life is beautiful, however uncertain. We live today, thinking about tomorrow. It will be that this is certain? To live today, now, the moment, and to think about tomorrow? It will be that it is to be deliberate excessively? We have that to live the moment, as finishes was it of our lives. To use to advantage each instant, as if the life was to finish in the other day. Alive the life.alive the moment. Or it will be that the life is only one dream? It will be that we are not living only one dream? What we do not want to wake up? To dream is necessary.but to live in a world of dreams, is nescessario? When sleeping, we dream, but we remember? We only remember some dreams, good dreams, or bad he will be that they are not moments where we live in one another life? What vinheram and come tona when we sleep? Or it will be that they are acknowledgments? Acknowledgments so that let us can take care of better, and to live our lives better? To live ….. to dream ….. to live dreaming, is necessary, and nescessario. But always with the feet in the soil. Therefore I say alive as if he was I finish it day, uses to advantage everything that is considered to it.


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