The Four Camps In The Society Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran

An analysis of the main interests in a regime, the system Ali Khamenei is an old man shortly before the collapse of. He is the top leader of a religio political system and sees itself as God’s representative on Earth. His claim to power in the State is absolute. The system, which legitimized it, to direct the Iran, called velayat-e faghi. Commentators are not quite agree whether he has now all threads in the hand or he are whether it is only a matter of time, living off or is deposed. Some do not consider it relevant if he is still alive, they give the system just a few months. This week, the Supreme Leader was very unhappy with his information Minister.

No one can say the Shepherd is which person or organization behind the persistent protests of his reluctant sheep. Now he can build a parallel intelligence organization to finally put an end to the matter, because, how can you win against an enemy you can’t see? Ayatollah Khamenei has instructed that the revolutionary guards devoted to his and the Organization of the Bassij an all pervasive intelligence build own, to know exactly who wants to conspire and who plans to overthrow the system. A last gasp? Behind him several factions set up himself, but differing in certain nuances. Exactly these nuances lead to disunity, which produces the current weakness of the Supreme Leader and encouraged people to continue their protests on the road against the violation of fundamental human rights by pages of the regime continues. At the last big demonstrations on the 4 November, demonstrators have torn posters with the picture of Khamenei from the walls for the first time and burned his portrait. A clear symbolic act. Balance of power before us the four camps in the current society of the Islamic Republic in mind, we understand short, this system is supported by which institutions and who are the protagonists.

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