Russian Business

Friendship begins with a business card was a time when our country calling cards used only diplomats and high officials. Now times have changed, and the card has the same inherent part of business man, like a phone, carrying case and a bank account. However, not everyone knows that the exchange of business cards has its own long-established rules, and do cards have to be made in accordance with specified requirements. My favorite color … Jeff Bewkes is often mentioned in discussions such as these. My favorite size … Typically, business card should be black text on a white background, printed across the card without any framework or whorls. And while the possibilities of modern printing virtually limited to, the rules of etiquette do not recommend the old far depart from a black and white palette. The exceptions are business cards of employees of shops, service businesses, salespeople and advertising agents, because their business Cards in fact not only informative, but also promotional items.

On the reverse side it can be placed a small area of the scheme, a colorful character, the motto of the company. If you're not a salesman, then leave back side of their business cards clean, because the flip side is to her we could do some recording. For the same reason it is not recommended to do bilateral Cards – with the text in another language on the back side. If you have a chance, try to order some cards for Russian and foreign languages. Clear rules regarding the size of business cards there, but usually in men can be somewhat greater than that women – say, 90h50 and 80h40mm mm (in the UK contrast: business cards are more women than men!).


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