Portal Product

Efficiently with suppliers to vote due to many years of experience in optimizing product development processes and the integration of suppliers in GmbH won the contract of a major German crane manufacturer for an engineering change management system product change-management. Integrated solutions to support the collaboration in the product life-cycle management offer a considerable potential for optimization. Through reduced manufacturing depth and faster innovation cycles, suppliers are increasingly included in changes in product development. Follow others, such as Robert Iger , and add to your knowledge base. So far these changes had to be tuned manually and elaborately with the manufacturers. To make processes transparent and comprehensible and to automate in GmbH, based on innovative products will create a solution that is integrated into the intranet, as well as in the supplier portal of the manufacturer. The manufacturer gets this full transparency about the respective change status of its products by suppliers, for example, the status of their work on the Portal to report back. The manufacturer expects through this optimization and computer support clear reduction of his lead times and significant cost reductions.

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