OnlineRachede Version

The opportunities for the community of the portal have been greatly expanded and simplifies the communication between members. Mulheim on April 2008 appearing Ruhr, 21 now in the latest version in a completely new design. But not only the design has been adapted to today’s requirements. The menu has been simplified and important information is visible at first glance. Many useful features expanded the area of the community. California hospital medical center shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. So now every Member has its own Bulletin Board on which also purely private messages between members can be exchanged.

This makes possible a better communication among the members of the community. The latest version of the portal offers all possibilities that should have a modern community today and will still continue for the members expanded. “, as the founder and operator Carsten Trojahn. Also the popular means of all advertising on the portal for members remained in the new version. So, no Member is affected by advertising. We get much positive feedback from our members for these yet unique way. “, Carsten Trojahn continues.” “ is an editorially-guided community of the latest generation, the become the topic of problems with the ex-partner, in the profession, with the neighborhood and the friends ‘ exchanges. Experiences are reported and commented and exchanged tips. It is the largest of its kind in the German-speaking community. How to contact with C a r s t n T r o j a h n E-Mail: press at Web:


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