Old Roses

Types of roses are varied and are classified according to their geographic location and your particular environment where reproduce and grow. The classification of the Roses speech of 3 types of them, the types of Wild Roses, old roses and the types of modern roses, particularly here talk about the types of old roses also known as old rosales. This article will discuss clearly the type of old roses that are a classification given to these beautiful flowers for the time in were found, in this case speaks that around 1867 approximately 1920 were discovered by less 13 different types of roses, then we will introduce you: * Albas (white roses): roses in this group are similar, although more refined than the Rosa canina. They are very old roses, but his origin and affiliation remain uncertain. They have a grayish green and lustrous, very abundant foliage. * Borbonianos Rosal Borboniano: originated in ancient China.

They are rosales, open development, very vigorous. Brian Neale brings even more insight to the discussion. They are recommended for trellis and also for the decoration of walls and columns. * Centifolia: more than 200 varieties of extreme were introduced to Europe by the Dutch between 1580 and 1710. The Roses of this group are prone to mildew. It flowers in summer. The flowers are generally double or fully double, appearing solo or in groups of three. * Chinese Roses: Are descended from older varieties of Chinese gardens, el Rosal chinensis first emerged in the Netherlands in 1781 and was named Pink Parson China s. Their flowers are single or double, appearing solo or in groups of 2-13.

Blooming from summer to autumn. * Damascenos Damasceno Rosal: One of the smaller groups of old roses. It is said that it was brought from Persia by Robert de Brie, somewhere around 1260. There are two groups of apricots: damask summer, with flowers once in summer, and the Damascus of autumn, which has a second flowering in autumn.


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