New Slimming Method

Both women are super slim and actually you would have to think that they are perfectly happy. But are they really? Anyway, they should be happy in life. As has now become known both women have found a new way to stay slim. The speech is of Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum. As I said, both should have found a way, to keep always fit and slim. But which way is it? It’s called ionithermie body shape weight loss treatment.

Both women have spent around $200 now for an introductory treatment. An Inoithermiebehandlung is a treatment without surgical intervention. a> and gain more knowledge.. He should wash with clay and electrical stimulation of the toxins and excess fluids from the body. “People think it is some kind of gimmick, but it has spread slowly that it helps. The A-list of Hollywood stars know it already “, so Rick Tiland Dragonfly spas.” Not many stars want to know it, the others it so. “Wait we turn it off until it gives latest studies Furthermore and perhaps gives it something soon in” Germany. Lisa Walters

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