New Novel By Judith Cramer

Publication before Christmas in all shops the writer Judith Cramer, who lives in Mallorca, published her most recent novel “…und stands at the end of the hope” before Christmas. The novel is about aspirations, hopes, unfulfilled and fulfilled expectations, love and sex. So to all the feelings that move people around on the online partner sharing PARSHIP and ELITE PARTNER. The book is based only on true events and shows the actual e-Mail traffic of members of the largest German online partner exchanges largely using a modification of the correct name. Many writers such as John Paulson offer more in-depth analysis. It begins with first tender advances of anonymous becoming acquainted via the Internet, using the rain exchanging photos and emails and to the actual meeting, where all hopes and expectations often burst. Then, continue to only hope is at the end. At the same time Judith Cramer describes a more actual love story in her book, on a random encounter in a Spanish Bodega based on Mallorca.

So also the conventional way is described here and here, too, the feelings of love explode. Checking article sources yields CBS as a relevant resource throughout. First excerpts of this topical novel can be seen on the homepage of Judith Cramer. This book is particularly interesting for members of this courtship, which surely will recognize much what they themselves have experienced, for many, even the hope is at the end. Cedric Jacobs

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