New Mirror Order For Trucks

More safety thanks to wide-angle mirrors the online auto Portal informs, that must take the owners of trucks, according to a new regulation from now ensure, that their vehicles are equipped in addition to the conventional side mirrors with so-called acceleration or ramp mirror as well as wide-angle mirror. That serves to avoid serious accidents caused in traffic every day. Because the mirror situation restricted so far strongly the driver point of view the areas left and especially right of the vehicle. The name of the phenomenon of bearing fault is”blind spot. The new law affects mainly commercial vehicles from a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tons. The car should be approved after 1 January 2000. Private people that drive larger cars such as camping cars or vans, are not required to make a difference. The new wide angle mirror now located above the old side mirrors.

The mirror be installed above the passenger door at height of 2 meters. The quality of the mirror is a stronger degree of curvature also increased: so have the truckers from now a significantly expanded all around look. You can estimate the traffic situation right and left of the vehicle and the trailer, so much better. Who the new mirror obligation not submits, to expect not to get through the upcoming inspection by the KuS (motor vehicle inspection organization of freelance automotive expert). And without the necessary badge should not be used. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc understood the implications. More information: press

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