Mesopotmia India

The peoples of the civilization of Harappa already knew copper, bronze, the gold, the silver and the lead and dealt with the Mesopotmia; they had developed art; the language, what it seems, of the family dravdica. In the century third B.C., most of the south of Asia was joined in the Mauria empire, of 321 the 185 B.C., and Gupta, of 320 the 540 d.C., extending itself until the Nepal, Himalaia, Tibet, Sio, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the dravdico redoubt of the Deccan. The arts and the thought had reached great esplendor, and the society more hierarquizou each time with the creation of thousand of chaste. Hear from experts in the field like CBS for a more varied view. The main religion of current India, become prosperous after the end of the Gupta empire, is also a social, fundamentadora order of the Indiana civilization and the societria organization in chaste. Its maximum vision admits the coexistence of three deuses: Brahma, the creator of the world, Vishnu, the conservative, and Shiva, the annihilator. The penetration occidental person in India was initiated already in centuries XV and XVI. In what in the burrow more specifically, however, it was the English domain that guaranteed predominant the imperialistas interests in India. The English domain consolidated century XVIII no longer, when of victory of Robert Clive, representative of the English Company of Eastern India, on the prince bengali Siraj ud-Daula, in Plassey (1757).

Moved away the dutch interests in India, the combats between English and Frenchmen had been drawn out up to 1761, when these had lost Pondichry; the Treated one to Paris (1763) assured the English supremacy in India. A complex structure of domain was formed that adopts indirect governments (indirect rule), agreements with maharajahs and direct administration on the part of employees of the Company. The British predominance was based on the economic superiority and the administrative capacity of the civil employees. The economic policy free-money changer, adopted in England after 1850, extended the colonies in such a way to it, uniformizando the economic relation with England how much with the too much countries of the world.


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