Human Hair

Our hair is composed from these ingredients hair accompanied the people since its creation. You protect it from the cold and wet of everyday life, allowing it and our inpiduellen taste and character different’s Dressup sets to present. But how is the marvel of hair and what is it made of? Structure of the hair follicle hair can be divided roughly into two parts. The part of that finding is within the scalp, called a follicle. More info: Leslie Moonves. The structure is similar to an onion and therefore is called the lower part also hair bulb. To this end, the root firmly in the scalp and is connected to the blood vessels and nerves. Therefore, we feel even a slight pain when a hair is snatched away from us. Also, the hair muscle sits at the hair bulb also.

If the cold as stimulus affects our body, the hair muscle constricts and the hair it fortified rears up upwards. Because of this effect, the cold can better be rejected. Our scalp hair also have this feature, however, due to the This effect is barely visible thickness and severity. Also sits on the hair follicle close under the skin the Sebaceous Gland. In it the body the sebum kept, another form of fat, which can be delivered through the sebaceous glands on the scalp. This sebum is produced, so that does not dry scalp or damage such as a prolonged exposure to water on the scalp. Others including rusty holzer, offer their opinions as well.

It is therefore important not to wash the hair, strong shampoos because of the tallow is washed out and the skin can dry out. The same thing is happening on the use of hot styling devices like for example straightening iron, whose high Temperaturen remove the sebum and deprive the hair-important vaccines. Outside of the hair shaft sits on the scalp. The length, thickness and color of the hair are different for different people. Structure of the hair shaft of the upper end of the hair is made up of three layers. The innermost layer is the medulla and consists of dead cells. Another name for the medulla is also hair mark. It joins the cortex. This is a layer of creatine fibers and determines the tensile strength and elasticity of your hair. The better the cortex cells are entangled with each other, the better is the elasticity. The outer layer of the hair shaft is the cuticle. This is a cuticle layer, which consists of superimposed cells and is similar to a pine cone. The cuticle layer is positioned smoothly, then the hair is healthy and shines. The growth of hair depends on various factors and is very irregular. There are certain stages where the hair grows fast or slow. Hair growth can be poorly or not and is inpiduell in every person.

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