Efficient Form

Trucking goods can solve the most difficult tasks for the delivery of different parts of the country and the world! This is an indispensable link between the manufacturer, supplier and buyer. What can be transported road? Yes, anything! From foods that are transported in insulated and refrigerated vehicles to the various equipment and machinery to be transported using special cars! What are the main advantages of transport by road? Road transport of goods are not tied to the calendar send unlike rail transport. The speed of delivery, though inferior air travel, but it is much easier to process documents and cheaper cost. Cars equipped with mobile communication and satellite systems for monitoring the movement that allows you to calculate time of arrival. On Today, built a lot of major transit routes for which there are regular road transportation. The presence of freeways allows a relatively short period of time to deliver necessary goods at the lowest cost in various regions of Russia and abroad.

Calculated loading rates car in operation are set depending on the type and condition of the roads carried cargo, distance and transportation conditions. Different types of layout of the truck used, depending on the destination of the truck. Depending on the type of cargo body trucks subdivided: Pick up: Light-duty Trucks: heavy bulk cargo Tanks: for liquid cargo Vans: are equipped with special equipment, eg. refrigerators. Under the van means a closed body trucks or vans. Vans adapted for the carriage of goods.


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