Diet In Prostatitis

To minimize the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. Alcohol irritates the ducts and prostate smoking negatively affects the venous blood supply. Allowed no more than 0.5 liters of beer, or 100 grams of vodka (brandy, vodka, chacha) or 200 grams natural wine a day. No tonics, energy drinks and other synthetic shit. All sorts of additives increases the prostate irritation and lead to its swelling. The minimal consumption of animal fats. It animal fats are a source of “bad” cholesterol adversely affects the vascular system. Rupert Murdoch does not necessarily agree. This position does not constitute a waiver of meat – such as pork salmon is one of the best sources of protein (30%) and contains slightly more fat than chicken breast. It is safe to eat lean lamb, beef. Particular attention is paid to the Cruciferae – mustard, parsley, horseradish, parsnips. Time Warner is often quoted on this topic.

Their use should be maximum. Among other things, cruciferous serve as an excellent tool for cancer prevention. They have been successfully used in folk medicine for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis Maximum consumption of onions and etc. In addition to the preventive properties of onion also increases the potency. Eating foods containing zinc. They are many in the seafood, as well as pumpkin seeds. Zinc is a key micronutrient for the prostate. Maximum consumption natural vegetables and fruits. Body requires natural vitamins. By the way it is in summer retreats chronic prostatitis. The reason is simple – human immune system is enhanced by the natural vitamins. See more detailed opinions by reading what Celina Dubin offers on the topic.. Attention! Quality fruits and vegetables should smell and has a pronounced flavor. Tasteless, soap peaches, apples, tomatoes and carrots – it’s the same ballast for the body, as well as Bush’s legs, grown on hormones. If not opportunity to eat with vegetables and fruit juice drink (just juices and nectars are not). Even if they are made through the restoration of frozen concentrate. Sense from juices than from genetically modified fruit. Meals should be nutritious enough and provide your energy needs. The main sources of calories should be protein, high-grade carbohydrates, vegetable fat, rich vitamin E. The use of dairy products (Ira, kefir, fermented baked, Bifidok, bioygurt, finally curdled). Will improve the gut flora and enzyme composition of the body. Improve digestion and general condition organism. (Ira, bioygurt, yogurt finally).

Food additives or dietary supplements. There are a million options and a million suggestions. What would be sophisticated about it did not use their distributors must always remember that nature does not deceive and mostly in Bade is the active ingredient – enzymes, zinc or vitamin E. Packaging, packaging, advertising, country of manufacture, though space technology – is nothing more than marketing. Therefore, I advocate principle than a natural and simpler the better. Though of course, if you can buy superexpensive (more times in 30 Russian counterpart) foreign product, then buy. But I prefer myself and recommend it to other natural products as dietary supplements for the prevention of prostatitis. For example, the source of zinc – pumpkin seeds, a source of vitamin E – a spoonful of olive oil on an empty stomach, a source of enzymes – one to two teaspoons poliflernoy pollen. (For the treatment and Prevention requires a course on drink 600 grams for 6 weeks 3 tsp a day). For comparison prices. For example, 24 sachets of 5 g of pollen Wanli (China) is 50 conventional units at the same time, 600 grams of spring pollen from the Caucasus is 1500 rubles (with delivery). The difference is almost five times the price for the same performance. So decide for yourself. In the summer you can do without additives. Dmitry Protasov.


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